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  • 2 men accused of shooting Holmdel cop car with paint...

    Sep 17, 2017 | via NJ.com 

    HOLMDEL -- Two men were arrested on Saturday after a township police officer realized his patrol car had been hit with a paintball, police said. An officer was on patrol around 1:13 a.m. in the area of Main Street and Holmdel Road when a vehicle sped past him.


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  • Judge's Failure to Turn In Boyfriend Not Official Mi...

    Sep 12, 2017 | via Law.com 

    An appeals court has upheld the dismissal of an official misconduct charge in the case of a Superior Court judge who failed to turn in her boyfriend when she knew an arrest warrant was issued in his name. But the panel also affirmed the trial judge in declining to toss two counts of hindering prosecution against the judge, Carlia Brady.


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  • Daily Rundown, Tuesday, Sept. 12

    Sep 12, 2017 | via Courier News 

    Daily Rundown, Tuesday, Sept. 12 What's happening and what you need to know in Central Jersey Check out this story on mycentraljersey.com: http://mycj.co/2y1JFBb Stay with MyCentralJersey.com's team of reporters all season long for the best coverage of Central Jersey high school football Somerville Aluminum is the recipient of two first-place awards - for its "Love" campaign and new website - during the 49th Annual NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards held in Cedar Grove on June 7. The award contest annually recognizes the "best of the best" in all aspects of advertising, photography, public relations, graphics, social media and more from among the state's corporations, agencies, designers and nonprofit organizations.


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Old Bridge Law

How would I find out if my DWI case is in scope for the class action suit regarding calibrator temperature checks?
How would I find out if my DWI case is in scope for the class action suit regarding calibrator temperature checks? I got a DWI in Woodbridge, NJ in April of 2012.
Well your best option is to call the lawyer for the class-action and find out. How do you do that? You go to the...
Need to schedule a hearing with the DMV for license suspension?
A few weeks ago I got into a very minor accident while my license was on probation. Any vehicle violations would result in a 3 month suspension. Anyway, I hired a lawyer, William Veitch, to represent me. I called him the day of court and he told me that he had it rescheduled and that I didn't need to go to court. Later on that day, he called me and said I went to court for you and had everything dropped and I specifically asked if my license was suspended and he said no, all I had to do was pay the court $156. So as excited as I was hearing the news, like a fool, I signed the affidavit that he went into court and represented me. Nothing that he did in court was mentioned on the affidavit. On the phone he made it seem that he won a great case and put it off the record but in actuality he lied. A few weeks later, I got a letter from the DMV saying my license is suspended beginning 10/29/2016. Meaning he did absolutely nothing for me. What can I do to postpone my suspension or request a hearing? Or is it possible to reduce the suspension?
More information is needed. My guess is the ticket was reduced to a non moving violation. Don't no if that helps. You...
Dui discovery
The officer writing up the report must have had a brain fart because my initials are T.S and he wrote the name D.Bowman was asked the questions on the drinking driver/operator questionnaire and gave the listed answers which were on a separate page. This is the only mention of a D.Bowman in the entire discovery. Is this a crucial mistake in this case?
Ask your lawyer or not having one will be the most critical mistake in the case. DUI is too serious and has too far...
Was arrested for suspicion of DWI this morning. Blew 0's so they took a urine sample and charged me with DUI instead.
I use narcotics recreationally; however, not at 9 am on my way to court to act as a witness in a lawsuit case. I was involved in a car accident, my fault, I know my urine will come up dirty but how can that prove that I was driving under the influence? I just don't understand the statue. At no time was I slurring my speech. I did have a difficult time with the field sobriety test but I was also just in a high impact collision. I smacked my head on the steering wheel and was bleeding and complaining of pain in my collar.
Hire a local attorney as soon as possible. The criminal case could also affect the personal injury case that you may...
I was in a MVA and received a careless driving ticket. I pleaded guilty and paid the fine. 85 days later I was issued a DWI.
Is that legal?
If this is from the same event, there may be issues that can be raised as a legal challenge to the DWI being charged...
I recently got a dui, a few tickets and i refused the breathylizer.
..i got a very good lawyer, a letter of recommendation from my work, and one from a priest in my community...should i takr a defensive driving course too? Just so it looks good for the judge? Its my first offense and i do not want a breatylizer in car when i get my license back
You got a very good lawyer. That was smart. Talk to him/her.
I was pulled over for failing to maintain lane has smoked pot day before failed drug test and was charged with dui wasnt under i
officer said i had been drinking told him no he said i was lying and forced me into telling him about pot
I'm not clear on what you were charged with. If you were charged with a drug DWI, the prosecution would be required to...