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Can I get an ignition interlock taken out of my car after completing a deferred program?
I was recently released from probation from a deferred program. The judge at sentencing 5 years ago added 2 years on to the minimum 2 years required by D.O.L (at that time) shortly after the laws changed to a 5 year minimum by D.O.L so now the D.O.L is making me have it in my car for an additional 2 years or a total of 7 years. Can I ask the judge to remove the 2 year addition? Will they review my interlock history? I did have violations on the interlock during the 5 years.
It soiunds like you could ask the judge to remove it however your violations would be considered. I suggest that you...
Is there any way a judge would drop the manditory 30 day jail for a dwi probation violation?
i got a dwi back in dec 2010. Got sober on my own last year. I attended outpatent at Agape. I graduated. I had 11 months before I relapsed. I still angry with a lot of resentments from my childhood until my adulthood. I was beaten by my mom, molested by my dad, raped in the 6th grade, ganged raped in the seventh grade. all my adult relationships were dv. But june 2014 i got another dwi. I went deferred. Reba my counselor sent me to inpatient at prosperity wellness center in tacoma because they couldn't help me deal with my childhood trauma. now i am back at agape outpatient and in their housing. I have over 4 months clean again. If i go to jail for 30 days I will be dropped from my treatment and won't have housing anymore. is there anything i can do?
Waive? Probably not. But in certain circumstances, a judge can convert the jail to an alternative, such as home...
What could happen if i receive a dui while my son (10 yrs.) was in the vehicle, and i was on a diversion at the time for DV?
i was pulled over and given roadside test and breath test(which was negative), they towed my truck, had my son picked up by his sister and taken in for a blood test(which i refused, and warrant was issued and test was done) and then sent home, because of suspected recent marijuana use, due to strong smell of it in my truck. after nearly 90 days, i received arraignment court date. So bottom line i could be charged with DUI, with minor child in the car and currently on a diversion plan for DV case. I have no prior criminal records other than DV charge. what is likely to happen in this case? and how will this effect my diversion for DV case which I am in complete compliance. possible jail time? possible charge for minor in car? veering out of lane is cops reasoning for pull over.
There is no one that can answer the question, "What is likely to happen in this case" without blowing smoke at this...
My boyfriend was arrested for his sixth DUI and without a valid driver's license. Should he plead guilty or not guilty?
He did all DUI tests on site, blew .25 in the breathalyzer.
Plead not guilty. Get an attorney. There may be evidentiary challenges, and - even if a conviction results - there may...
Is it worth hiring private counsel to defend against DUI if you are unlikely to drive again and have no income to pay fines?
My elderly father-in-law was arrested for DUI following an accident in Bremerton, WA. He was disoriented and failed a field sobriety test, no ABV. He takes prescription meds that likely showed up on a blood test and is now charged with DUI. Subsequently, he has stopped driving for other health reasons. Is it worth hiring private counsel if his driving day may be over anyway and he has no money to pay fines?
It really depends. Was it alcohol related and is the state's only evidence the failed sobriety test? What is his...
If my license is suspended/ canceled in florida , how hard would it be to obtain one n Washington state ?
Just moved from florida , and would at least like to be able to drive my nephews to the hospital in case of emergency .. Do I need to become a resident to make it easier ?
Pretty much not possible until Florida reinstates your privilege to drive because they are pat of the Interstate...
Charged with DUI in WA under RCW 46.61.502(5) and RCW 9.92..020 , blood test reveals only prescribed stimulants.
The prosecution seems confident in convicting me. After reading the RCW sections I am confused as the medication that I am prescribed (Addrerall) is not an intoxicating substance that impedes my ability to operate a motor vehicle. I have a public defender that is overworked and as we head for trial I have shaken confidence in his ability to provide an adequate defense. I am hoping to make contact with some attorney highly skilled in this arena that can mount a competent defense. Right now I feel like I am being railroaded.
There's no question that you can be convicted based on impairment from a legally prescribed drug. But you are onto a...