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How does someone with a DUI from 16 years ago gain entry into Canada?
I want to take my best friend hunting to Canada in October. His record is totally clean both before and after his DUI 16 years ago. What does he do?
It is not the severity of the crime, it is the Canadian equivalent of the offense that says whether you can cross the...
I got 1 DUI and results was a fine and 1 year court supervision. and currently have a suspended license for DUI #2
what should i put on applications when they ask if i have ever been convicted of anything other than a traffic violation? I technically haven't been convicted on my 2nd DUI and my lawyer is waiting for my next court date to try and work a deal and get my suspension rescinded. Will this prevent me from getting a job in the health care field?
as of now you have not been convicted of anything other than traffic ticket.
Can I get my DUI supervision reinstated?
Got a DUI in 1995, did classes and victim impact panel, but did not appear at the end of supervision date and my supervision was revoked and a conviction was entered in 1996. I know it is very old, but there is an outstanding warrant so maybe the case is technically still open. I am wanting to go back in to get the supervision reinstated and then satisfactorily terminated so the "license revocation" will be removed. Can this be done? And if not, what am I supposed to do now? I don't live in Illinois anymore, but just want to clear this up
You need to contact the attorney who handled this matter or another attorney to address this for you. Although you no...
Is there a way to get supervision without a lawyer for a DUI?
I have to go to court for a DYING in June and can't afford a lawyer.
If you believe that you cannot afford a lawyer, tell the court about this, and you will be screened for possible...
I just received court supervision for dui, will my record be clean after supervision or is it already clean enough for employmen
I was given a year supervision and I am currently looking for a car / Truck parts delivery driver position. Will the arrest show up on my drivers abstract? When will it be cleared from my public record? Do I have a dui on my drivers abstract until my supervision is done or is it already off my public driving record?
It all depends on the extent of your employer's background check. A DUI will never be clear from your driver's abstract,...
Has there been any progress in grandfather ing dui laws ?
Has there been any progress in grandfather ing dui laws For those who cought a dui before Jan 1 ? Of witch the law made it so that you had to have the baiid system in your car for 5years ??? Vs a year ??
Many states use apply "grandfathering" of criminal history in different ways (e.g., in charging vs. sentencing). While...
Can I get charged DUI if I a paramedic called in a "possible DUI" to the police
I left home and a paramedic followed me and called the police and said they have a possible DUI car. I went to an establishment where my husband was. Had several shots, however my husband had a hotel room right next to the establishment. I was staggering towards my car to get some clothes to stay with him and the police stopped me before I got to my car. I took the test and failed and they took me to police station and booked me. My husband walked out and said to the officer he had a room can I take her. they would not allow him to take me to my car get clothes and spend the night. I was not going to drive my car. they stopped me before I even got to my car.
A "good samaritan" can contact law enforcement and report a possible crime, so the answer to the paramedic question is...