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Can i take the mandatory dui classes online since i cant get to the class location
thr are no classes in my town and ventura is definitely too far by bicycle. can i take online courses since i have no way to get to the classes in ventura. bus service is unreliable and with my myasthenia graivis i couldnt last that long on a bus before my legs wiuld collapse
Not possible in CA. DMV doesn't allow online
Can the DMV refuse to give my friend her restricted licence until she enrolls in a DUI program even if court doesn't require?
My bestfriend was arrested for DUI but got off with a Wet Reckless. Courts didn't require her to take DUI classes, but DMV said she had to be enrolled in a 3 month program to get her restricted license after the 30 day suspension. They also told her she doesn't have to complete it, just need to enroll?? That doesn't make sense to me. Why pay for a class that the courts don't require her to?
Will I be charged with DUI? And how do I get my license back. (After 5 months)
I was an idiot and long story short. Smashed my car into a guard rail. I was taken to the hospital and the cop stayed until my parents arrived. He took my license but never gave me a ticket or a court date. I have been checking with the court weekly and no charges have been filed. It's been 5 months and I want to purchase a car and get my license back. The DMV shows the DUI on my record but I have never been charged or arrested. I didn't take a blood test but I blew a .15... Am I going to need an SR-22 to get my license back and, am I going to be charged for a DUI? I was always under the impression I would have been given a ticket immediately. Thanks in advance.. (I am in Ventura County CA) I should also note, I was billed 2 months ago $800 for the cops time. Obviously they know about the accident so I don't think anything was lost.
You may not ever be charged in court. As to getting your license back, you should simply ask the DMV if your license...
How does a DUI reduction conviction affect your ability to get a job in CA?
I have a 2013 negligent driving 1 conviction from Washington State. This is a reduction from DUI. I am trying to get a student job tutoring for the semester in Ventura, CA. Will this prevent me from being able to do so?
Depends on the individual employer and if they even know about it.
Can I get electronic monitoring in ventura county for a 3rd dui?
I just got arrested for my 3rd dui here in ventura county two days ago. I feel bad and guilty and Know I did bad and have to face the consequences. I got my first in 2011,second in 2014 and third two days ago. I know I'm gonna have to do 120+ days in jail. Is it possible to get electronic monitoring for a third dui here in ventura county as of now. I really can't afford to lose my job as of now. Previous experiences/cases is home arrest an option for a third dui in Ventura county as of now. Thank you for your time.
I've heard recently that this is no longer possible in Ventura County. I suspect you're facing a lengthy stint in...
What does it mean my "paperwork was incomplete"? If it goes forward, in what scenario can I get it downgraded to a wet reckless?
DUI case. Parked cars are involved in the accident. No one injured. Cops did not pull me over while I was driving, but rather saw me on the street outside the car after the accident observing the damage (I did not flee) and then spoke to me. I refused a breathalyzer and was arrested, but did blood work after arriving to the jail. Was told it was over the legal limit. However, I never received a copy of the police report but was called to report to court. Upon reporting to court, I was told that my paperwork was incomplete and had been sent back to another jurisdiction but it was unclear (Sheriff's Office?).
Basically it means that the DA is not ready to prosecute. They may want more information from the arresting agency....
Can I fax paperwork to judge to fight my own dwi case in parish of calcasito. im from california
I blew all 000. at the station he said I could take a blood test or urine test by my own dr here in ca. I passed my urine test. I have no income I am trying to get back pay from ssi for work comp case that ended. I owe money to my bank account. I start a job on 12/2 my court date is 12/8. I just got notice on 11/18 of the court date. I didn't now when to call a public defender . is it to late now to call one can I download paperwork and give it to the jude myself?
You cannot talk to the judge except in open court with the prosecutor present. No court I know of would allow a...