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  • VCSD: Fanny pack, NYPD badge returned to victim afte...

    Tuesday | via Santa Paula Times 

    A Santa Paula man was arrested last week in connection with stealing a fanny pack full of credit cards and the victim's late father's police badge from an unlocked vehicle at the Ojai farmers market. According to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, the fanny pack-containing the credit cards and the victim's late father's New York Police Department flat badge-was stolen July 26 from the unlocked vehicle in the parking lot.


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  • 4-year-old California boy picks out Little Mermaid d...

    Monday Aug 24 | via Daily Mail 

    Good Samaritan dad shot three times in front of his wife and young children by robbers, who knocked their door asking for help Mystery hero of the train terror attack is American professor: Academic was first to respond and was shot when he spotted suspicious gunman in bathroom - prompting airman to take him down Wall St free fall: Dow Jones closes down nearly 600 points after a historic market roller coaster ride caused by China's 'Black Monday' As stocks plunge in value, Trump says: I told you so! Tycoon blames market drama on the American economy's strong links with China Sixteen-year-old girl disappears after texting friends that someone is 'following her' and never makes it to first day of school I stand by saying 'anchor babies' says Jeb - but it's Asian not Hispanic immigrant who are taking advantage of America's laws Columbine-inspired Pokemon plotters nicknamed 'squeaky' and ... (more)


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  • SoCal Fanny Pack Thief on the Loose

    Thursday Aug 13 | via NBC Los Angeles 

    Police asked for the public's help on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2015 to identify this man police believe is responsible for stealing a fanny pack containing a NYPD police badge in Ojai. A Southern California thief is on the loose after stealing a fanny pack that had a New York Police Department badge and credit cards inside of it, police said Wednesday.


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  • Animal Cruelty, 3000 Block East Telegraph Road, Fill...

    Jul 21, 2015 | via Fillmore Gazette 

    Sheriff's deputies from the Fillmore station received an anonymous tip of a possible Cockfighting event in the fields near the 3000 block of East Telegraph Road in Fillmore. Deputies located the operation on the property bordering the Santa Clara River bottom south of East Telegraph Road .


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Ojai Law

Can i take the mandatory dui classes online since i cant get to the class location
thr are no classes in my town and ventura is definitely too far by bicycle. can i take online courses since i have no way to get to the classes in ventura. bus service is unreliable and with my myasthenia graivis i couldnt last that long on a bus before my legs wiuld collapse
Not possible in CA. DMV doesn't allow online
Can the DMV refuse to give my friend her restricted licence until she enrolls in a DUI program even if court doesn't require?
My bestfriend was arrested for DUI but got off with a Wet Reckless. Courts didn't require her to take DUI classes, but DMV said she had to be enrolled in a 3 month program to get her restricted license after the 30 day suspension. They also told her she doesn't have to complete it, just need to enroll?? That doesn't make sense to me. Why pay for a class that the courts don't require her to?
I had a 2nd dui December 2013, I moved out of state a year. Vacating DUI school because of different state requirements?
I had a 2nd dui December 2013. I moved out of state to the east coast august 2014. I NEVER HAD a CA drivers license i have a washington state license. We're a military family who moves a lot. I was orders by courts to do dui school in another state BUT the requirements here are completely different and do not meet the courts requests AT ALL. My question is, since dui school is not available here and online school, the dmv won't accept it anyway. Can I vacate the dui school especially since it's been well over a year for dmv to suspend my license even though it was never CA issued. I should be able to turn in my WA license for my curent state license without issue from ca? We have no plans whatsoever to return to ca.
NEVER returning to CA? That's unlikely for a military family, but, ok. Contact the Mandatory Action Unit in...
Ventura County DUI court case dismissed, do I have to complete DUI program?
My DMV ADMINISTRATIVE PER SE - .O8% BAC NOTIFICATION OF FINDINGS AND DECISION and AMENDED ORDER OF RESTRICTION both clearly state that if convicted, I will be required to complete a DUI program. That indicates that as I was not convicted, (case was dismissed pursuant to PC 1385 ; re Can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt on the motion of People) I will not be required to complete the DUI program. That is my goal. But, stated on the back of the APS is "If I enroll and fail to participate, the department will suspend your driving privilege for up to four months”. If that's the case, can I get a restricted license for the term of that suspension, and not have to complete the DUI program? Will I require DMV form DS-702 and will I be forced to compel the DA/prosecutor to fill it out,?
First of all, congratulations on getting your case dismissed. As far as getting a restricted driver's license you...
Whats the worst that can happen for a Dui of Marijuana
Im 17 years old, and i live in California. When the inccident happened i was 16. I have court in about 2 weeks for this charge and would like to know whats the worst possible scenario that could happen before my parents start spending thousands on Lawyers. Thanks alot. And dont forget im a Minor, i dont know if they deal with these cases differently between adults and minors. Thanks alot -Sam
In juvenile court, you probably won't face time in custody, but you face a one year driver license suspension. If...
I got a 23136(a) if it gets dismissed, does the DMV still suspend my license for a year?
I got stopped because I was driving while I was talking on the phone. I went to court and pled guilty to the 23136 and he dismissed the telephone violation. The judge gave me the option of going to a 12 week alcohol program and if I complete the program he will dismiss the alcohol infraction. I went to the DMV the day after court and they said that my license is suspended for a year anyway. I have to go back to court in 3 months with my certificate of completion for the alcohol program. If it gets dismissed it doesn't make sense to me that they will still suspend my license.
The DMV may get notice of the DUI from the police and the DMV takes action independent of the court. To get your...
I finished all of my DUI classes and just finished paying off my fees, do I have to do anything else now?
I finished all courses last year and finished paying my court fees earlier this month, I'm not sure if I need to go to court to let a judge know I'm done or if I need to do anything else
Ask your lawyer, he/she knows what you were ordered to complete as part of your sentence.