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Can i get a restricted driving permit
I got a dui about 9 years ago and am now financially stable enough to start taking care of it i spoke to a hearing officer and was told i would have to get an evaluation and take classes first but with the hours my girlfriend and i work she is never off on time to get me there so i was wondering is there any way to get a restricted permit first so i can make it to these classes ?
In order to obtain ANY driving privileges after a revocation based on DUI you must first complete the Secretary of...
If one is not guilty of 625 ILCS 5/11_(a)(2) then how is he guilty of 625 ILCS 5/11_(a)(1)
I was given court supervision and completed it as a result the charges should have been dismissed well it's not illegal to be drunk if 21 or older so to dismiss 625 ILCS 5/11_501(a)(2) and not dismiss 625 ILCS 5/11_501(a)(1) is to charge and punish me for only being drunk which again is not against the law and to punish me for something that is not illegal is cruel and unusual punishment
625 ILCS 5/11_501(a)(1) is a statement of what the law is. It indicates that it IS illegal to drive with a BAC of...
I had a failed baiid reading and accepted mouthwash as the reason but got another failed reading of .069 then 20 min later passe
Will this still be considered a fail
Second balk is trouble. Do not reply alone. Have a consultation with your DUI attorney and have her help you write...
No word on the status of my license
I got a DUI back at the end of October. It was a first offense and I was held in a psych ward for severe depression as well as being put on suicide watch. It's been almost three months and I haven't hear back from the state about the status of my license. Will it take much longer? Is it possible my case got dropped?
It is not likely your case was dropped. You need to speak with your attorney about the status of your case. If you do...
First dui .104 what's the out come
No cases for almost 10 years for anything last case retail thef in 1999 and under age contact she said I hit her 7+ years ago
Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for court supervision, but it isn't a given. A DUI is...
Is it illegal to be drunk
Is it illegal to be drunk in illinois
How many drunk questions are you going to ask here? It is not illegal to be drunk if you do not participate in any...
Can we get a ticket dropped?
My daughter was given a ticket for not turning on her blinker before she came to a stop sign. Then when he pulled her over he searched her car. Found nothing. Wanted to give her a sobriety test. She refused. He then handcuffed her and had her car towed. She was given a breathalyzer of 0.012. She is 19. She was ticketed for under age drinking. Kept in jail until the next morning when she was able to contact a parent. We have a court date
It seems that your daughter may need an attorney to help her. The search of the vehicle seems excessive based upon...