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Penalties for first offence DWI IN New Jersey?
I was arrested for DWI,first time,no prior convictions,clean record,breath test result 0.13%BAC.I am 58 father of 2.
Without a lawyer at least 7 month suspension, 2 day drug and alcohol class, 600 dollars plus in fines, 1000 a year in...
Do I have cause to bring litigation against Uber?
I started driving for Uber in July 2016. After over one year driving with the company, I was removed due to an incident in my criminal background check from 1993 in New York State. I have a Certificate of Relief of Civil Disabilities that I submitted to Uber which removes all employment and license bars except holding public office. The information in my background check is the same as it was when I started driving for them in 2016, yet they suddenly removed me. Since they specifically cited the incident in 1993 as the reason for removing me, and the Certificate of Relief of Civil Disabilities should remove any bars to employment or contracts, and the fact that they originally accepted me on the platform, I would like to know what recourse I have. This is humiliating and I would like to see what compensation I may be entitled to as I feel my civil rights are now being violated. If I had been originally turned down, it would be less upsetting than letting me drive for a year and now have to explain to friends and family why I no longer can drive for Uber.
Removing a bar is not the same as saying they can't take it into account and fire you for it. It's not illegal for you...
A friend of mine had 3 DWI s about 30 years ago. then 3 years ago got 1 and lost her licence for 10 years
She has 7 years left on her revocation. Is there anyway that it can be shortened. she has been in rehab and goes to meetings and has never touched a drop since her conviction . i know hind sight is 20 20 but because of the fact that she cant drive a car she has no way of getting a good job that is not off a bus route. we live in a country town in New Jersey and its hard to get around. Is there anything that can be done ? thank you in advance for your time Jim
I am changing the practice area to DUI/DWI. The law on the effect of prior convictions in this area is ever-evolving,...
On Parole from Pennsylvania living in New Jersey do to an approved parole transfer to New Jersey. Received a DUI what will Penn
Been on parole for 3 years with an immaculate record. No technical or direct violations completely compliant. Had my parole transfered to New Jersey 8 months ago. Recently received my first DUI ever. I'm 33. My parole officer in New Jersey isn't sending me to jail due to my complete compliance and the fact I was honest about my DUI the day after it happened. She still however has to file a report back to Pennsylvania and I'm awaiting the outcome of the pennsylvania parole board, as far as a Decision regarding the consequences of my DUI. What do you think PA will do. I have a full time job, my own place, I'm married and have a 10 month old daughter. My employer, wife and mother in law wrote letters to the PA parole office which my NJ parole officer attached to her report as well as paperwork stating that I am attending N.A. A.A. meetings and an out patient drug and alcohol program.? Any thoughts
You need to speak to a Pa. attorney, preferably the attorney who handed your case. DWI is criminal in Pa, not so in NJ....
How can dyfs try to take custody from a mom who has been getting help for a prescription addiction.
She was a addict and got help and is on prescription medications for the with draws. She had our daughter who seems to be doing great and dyfs showed up saying that they tested her before and after and she shows positive. Now I'm being told I have to take a test and let them count my medication because I have a back injury.
They can try because the law gives them that ability. Just because someone is on legal drugs doesn't mean that the it...
I went to a bar in Franklin NJ and I got way to drunk, I then continued to drive home uninsured and I got into an acident.
I will be getting into trouble for driving while under the influence and without insurance and crashing. What will happen to me and what amount of money will I be paying?
You'll want a criminal lawyer to resolve the DUI, perhaps ARD
Can an inmate who is already incarcerated be released at a pre indictment hearing?
Long story short, my SO is in jail and was charged with simple assault, DWI, violating a restraining order, criminal mischief and burglary. I am already aware of the deal the prosecution is offering. But, if I request leniency (he has no prior criminal record) would he get released from jail if they consider by request? I should add he has not been sentenced for two other DWI and driving with a suspended license charges. So in total he has three DWI that occurred this year. He has not been sentenced yet for any of the DWI.
More information is needed, including: What is his criminal history? Why is he in jail? Is he a US citizen? A...