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Ogden Crime

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  • Attempted murder charge filed in Ogden shooting

    Tuesday Jul 12 | via Salt Lake Tribune 

    An Ogden man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with a gang-related shooting in June. Court records show Weber County prosecutors charged Patrick Galindo, Jr., with one count each of first-degree felony attempted murder and discharge of a firearm with serious bodily injury, and one count of second-degree felony possession of a weapon by a restricted person.


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  • Meet URL, Utah's First 'Porn Dog' Who Sniffs Out Ele...

    Wednesday Jun 22 | via People 

    The Weber County Sheriff's Office in Ogden, Utah, announced on Facebook on Tuesday that the department has added a cute new member to its staff, an electronic detection K-9 or "porn dog" named URL, who is the first of his kind in the state. The 16-month old black Lab, who was rescued from an animal shelter as a puppy, is only one of nine certified electronic detection K-9s in the country, the post said, and comes from the same trainer as Bear, the K-9 who played a key role in the arrest of ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle last year.


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  • Meet the latest police tool, Utah's first 'porn dog'

    Jun 21, 2016 | via Deseret News 

    URL, a member of the Weber County Sheriff's Department, is the first electronic detection K-9 in Utah and has the ability to locate electronic storage devices like cellphones and SIM cards Law enforcement officers have used K-9s and their keen sense of smell to help them find drugs, locate missing people and help solve arson investigations. Now, Utah police have a K-9 to find child pornography.


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  • Man shot four times in gang-related argument in Ogde...

    Jun 18, 2016 | via Deseret News 

    A man remained hospitalized in critical condition Saturday with injuries suffered in what police believe was a gang-related shooting. Two men were walking near 2700 Washington Blvd. early Saturday when they got into an argument with several other men on the other side of the street, according to a statement from Ogden police.


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Ogden Law

"Inst it true once the jurisdiction is challenged it has to be proven on record " was ignored now what can i do void judgment?
i challenged jurisdiction and he said it was noted at beginning of trial. Then for sentencing i make special appearance and asked isn't it true it needs to be proven on record he just acted strange and said didn't we already go over this not answering the simple yes or no question. he then went on ignoring it. i know it can be challenged at anytime. what can i do? i read that it is void, or set aside, or vacate and others. What can i do? are all these terms different types of motions if so what is the one i should use or is there a better way then i have not seen yet? thanks
What type of case are you involved in?
Can you get a DUI being intoxicated in parked car that is not running and keys are out of ignition?
DUI in parked car
You certainly can in Wisconsin although it would be unusual. You cannot be convicted of a DUI if the only evidence is...
If I were to get a DUI could they take the house where my children reside?
I have had a addiction problem and I'm working to combat it. My wife is concerned with our assets and liability. Is there a way to protect these other than a divorce and my wife wants be to sign a quit claim deed releasing my name from the house.
If you are charged with a DUI, there are penalties that involve possible jail times, community service, fines to the...
Hello my boyfriend is on hold by ice, he has 4 dui's is there a possibilitie they will grant him a bond?
he was held by ice in 2009 for one of the duis they released him on a bail bond then this year he got a letter that they were going to review his case but we don't know his court date. he has been here for more than 15 years, he has 7 children the oldest one is 17 years old and paying child support on him. His last dui was on October of 2014 and then one on October of 2009 and the other ones were on or before 2004. also he has had a work permit for 3 or 4 years he has no close family that ae citizens or us residents only his children.
It is something that you want to discuss and consult an attorney. Better yet, hire one to deal with ICE. Since the...
I just received a withheld judgement for DUI in Idaho. I have a Utah driver license.
Once the DUI is dismissed in Idaho after successful 1 yr probation, will Utah still require the installation of an interlock device for 18 months?
Good question. I think it will, but take my answer with a grain of salt because I am not licensed to practice law in...
How can I get a PBT thrown out?
Was arrested for DUI based on a PBT and an eye test. No walk and turn or anything else. Can I get the PBT deemed inadmissible somehow? if so, what is the most common way?
PBTs are not admissible to determine your level of intoxication. If you have a DUI the PBT is the least of your...
I was arrested for DUI in 2011. I wasn't treated with respect while in police custody. I refused the chemical test.
A warrant was served on me. I asked to speak to an attorney and several officers attacked me and threw me on the concrete ground. I was denied my request for an attorney and kept in a small cell for several hours being laughed at by a woman officer. I was also denied food and/or drink and wasn't allowed to use the restroom for hours. I also was never read my Miranda rights. I retained an attorney, told him everything ~ Justice was not served. My life is ruined. I need help. This is only the "tip of the iceberg"
So far I am not hearing any facts to suggest a defense to DUI charges.