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Can i get my license back if i have a DWI in another state?
I got a dwi in Missouri in 2012 I got everything I needed to do to get it dealt with done. I'm 2015 I got a dwi in Colorado that is still an open case. I'm now trying to get my license back in Missouri. Will my Dwi in Colorado effect getting my license back in Missouri?
Not enough info provided. It largely depends on why you were suspended in Missouri and how your Colorado case gets...
Can I go after an employer for wrongful termination?
In June, it was over 100 with the heat index, my a/c had been out in work vehicle over a week. my supervisor said there was no loaner available, I'd have to keep driving that one. so I did. on June 9th, it was extremely hot, I got heat exhaustion, was throwing up, dizzy, had headache. called supervisor, who told me I could go home or go to urgent care. I chose to go to urgent care. he told me he had to come get me, to stay in my van until he got there, he was only 10 min awat, but took over an hour to get there. so I sat in the heat, with no a/c even longer. got to urgent care, did drug test, they told me to take next couple days off. my drug test came back positive for oxycodone(I have a prescription for hydrocodone) when I was told what came back they told me they didn't test for hydrocodone, I asked them to retest it because I don't take the other. they refused. my employer refused. unemployment found my employer wrong, and gave me my benefits after an appeal where I was able to explain they denied me the right to a retest of the sample. want to know if I can win a case or even have a case.
Have a case for what? You were discharged for a positive drug test. Just because MODES gave you benefits is irrelevant....
Not hypothetical: A guy had three DWI's 13 years ago, and went to prison for them. This year, he got a DWI.
Will he be charged with habitual criminal? Will the other DWI's count against him?
The short answer is "yes," the other DWIs will count against him. By law, he will be charged with a felony (because of...
I was recently married. Several co workers attended. One coworker came drunk and seemingly under the influence of other drugs.
He acted inappropriately towards me and blurted out to those at his table that he was on drugs and that an ex employee was his drug dealer. Those at his table were other coworkers and they alerted our boss about his actions. She has done nothing. Does the employer have an obligation to act on this even if it was "off duty"? What is the appropriate action if any?
I do not see any obligation on the part of the employer. If this is accepted by the employer, it may not be the best...
How long after a accident can the police come back and give you a dui
i was involved in a motorcycle accident on 5/28/2012 they isseued me 5 other tickets that are market caused by bac/dui but was not issued a dui can they still come back and issue the ticket
One year on a misdemeanor, three years if a felony.
Moving out of state on probation with just an 'ok' from a probation officer
I am very concerned. My adult son has been on probation for 2 years for a DUI in Missouri. His probation will be finished in three months and he has a final criminal review at that time. He wants to move out of state and he did ask his probation officer for permission. She told him it is ok, gave him paper reports to send in, and that's all. I called her myself and she told me that yes, he had permission to move and must pay the remainder of the three months probation fees and mail in reports to her. I asked her if he needed something in writing from her or the court or, if his probation had to be transferred to the other state and she said that this was not necessary. Is she correct? This seems too easy. Thank you
Misdemeanor probation is actually very difficult if not impossible to transfer out of state. Therefore, his agent is...
Does MO offer ARD for first offense DWI? Since her case is so delayed would the charges be reduced or dismissed?
My daughter had similar situation in MO in Feb 2016. Left the roadway with damage to her car but no injuries. Breathalizer reading 0.12. She was driving in MO. Living as a graduate student in IL. DL issued from WI. She gave both her IL address and the WI address. We appeared at her court date but were told they had no paperwork. The clerk thought the case must have been sent to another court and we would receive notice of a new court date. She moved to MO in august 2016 and had her mail forwarded to new address. She obtained a MO drivers license. In July 2017 she received a letter of failure to appear with license revocation and warrant due to court notice being undeliverable. The court date had been Sept 2016. She visited the St. Charles station and was given a new court date of Dec. 21, 2017
It would be best to discuss the case directly with a DWI attorney in St. Louis. There are several possibilities for the...