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  • Police: Man arrested after posting Craigslist ad sel...

    Thursday Jun 4 | via WNEM-TV Saginaw 

    According to police, 22-year-old Addam Clement placed an ad on craigslist titled, "Reliable 4-MJ-20 Connection." After the officer reached out to Clement the two reached an agreement on when and where to meet.


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  • Missouri parents who caged autistic son ordered impr...

    May 29, 2015 | via Daily Mail 

    Couple receives well wishes from Hollywood stars, all living presidents and even the Pope as part of star-studded 70th anniversary present from their granddaughter 'It was sex': Law enforcement says married Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual abuse of a male high school student during his years as a wrestling coach Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wrote an essay at age 30 while running for governor about a woman who 'fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously' Woman who grew up in foster care posts ad looking for family she can rent for $8 an hour to help celebrate her 20th birthday Exclusive: Father of investment banker, 29, fears son turned to drink and drugs to cope with stress and jumped to his death after a 'Wolf of Wall Street cocaine party' Female accountant, 67, uses her 'Southern charm' to lure 300 investors into a fraudulent $40m Ponzi scheme ... (more)


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O'Fallon Law

Not hypothetical: A guy had three DWI's 13 years ago, and went to prison for them. This year, he got a DWI.
Will he be charged with habitual criminal? Will the other DWI's count against him?
The short answer is "yes," the other DWIs will count against him. By law, he will be charged with a felony (because of...
I was recently married. Several co workers attended. One coworker came drunk and seemingly under the influence of other drugs.
He acted inappropriately towards me and blurted out to those at his table that he was on drugs and that an ex employee was his drug dealer. Those at his table were other coworkers and they alerted our boss about his actions. She has done nothing. Does the employer have an obligation to act on this even if it was "off duty"? What is the appropriate action if any?
I do not see any obligation on the part of the employer. If this is accepted by the employer, it may not be the best...
How long after a accident can the police come back and give you a dui
i was involved in a motorcycle accident on 5/28/2012 they isseued me 5 other tickets that are market caused by bac/dui but was not issued a dui can they still come back and issue the ticket
One year on a misdemeanor, three years if a felony.
I have a felleny dwi in the past i have my license back now can i own a gun to hunt
3 dwi i did a 120 treatment while i was locked up and 5 years probation after i got out i sucesfuly compleated that and got drivers licence back after 10 year denile
I am assuming, based upon the fact you did a 120, that you received an SES ("suspended execution of sentence") and were,...
He did not ask me to take a BAC. hOW CAN HE TRULY PROVE I WAS INTOXACATED CONSIDERING i take medication that impairs me a little
The officer pulled me over for no signal then smelled liqour in the truck. Even tho i did have a shot the booze was a friends. I take a non narcotic sleeping pill and i was tryin to beat it home so i could sleep. i was out there a little. failed miserably at all my moving test and eye test. but the officer never asked me to blow for a BAC. and if i refused i never signed a refuseal letter. remember i did have admit to him i could be drunk cause of the bad movements. i just did nopt kno how to explain the pills. this is strike 3 so they are goin to try and hang me hard. i am beating myself pretty bad over this and trust me i kno i done wrong am wishin i get forgiveness from my family for lettin them down. but can they really prove i was drunk wit no BAC?
Most states have more than one way for the police to charge one with DUI. One is for driving with a prohibited BAC, or...
Moving out of state on probation with just an 'ok' from a probation officer
I am very concerned. My adult son has been on probation for 2 years for a DUI in Missouri. His probation will be finished in three months and he has a final criminal review at that time. He wants to move out of state and he did ask his probation officer for permission. She told him it is ok, gave him paper reports to send in, and that's all. I called her myself and she told me that yes, he had permission to move and must pay the remainder of the three months probation fees and mail in reports to her. I asked her if he needed something in writing from her or the court or, if his probation had to be transferred to the other state and she said that this was not necessary. Is she correct? This seems too easy. Thank you
Misdemeanor probation is actually very difficult if not impossible to transfer out of state. Therefore, his agent is...
What happens when A first alcohol offense charged with fail to drive within a single lane, 2nd dwi and she just received a third
What will happen if she goes to prison with custody of her child
You are asking about two separate matters here. I trust you understand this person needs an attorney to represent her...