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This is my second DUI.I am still on probation for the first one.I hit two parked cars,but no injuries.
You need a really good lawyer, not general answers from an online Q&A forum. Your chances are much better if you...
I've read a couple questions similar to mine on this site, but it's still a little unclear to me. Me and 3 of my friends got pulled over with open alcohol containers in the car, and we're all 19-20. The driver will be getting more serious charges, but us passengers each got transportation. The cop told us that it won't go against our driving records, and that essentially we pay the $120 fine and it's over, and it's intended as more of a lesson than an actual punishment. However, from what I'm reading, this same charge could lead to much more serious consequences. If we simply pay the fine, thereby pleading guilty, what can happen? If we weren't drinking, would pleading not guilty be a good idea?
No effect provided it is properly reported as a passenger offense.
my room mate has a dui charge from 3 years ago, she was arrested on a bench warrant a year ago and given 30 class hours and 100 hours community service. she missed a court date recently and now has show cause/contempt of court on her pending date in a month. she still doesnt have any of her stuff done, should i be worried she could be arrested?
You need not be worried about whether your roommate could be arrested, but she should be. This is your roommate's...
On Dec 29-12 I became a first time dui offender in Illinois. My license was to be susp. as of Feb 14, At my court app. on Mar 12, I pled guilty to the dui. But the judge Rescinded my license for no probable cause. The rescinded doc was mailed to the sec. of state. On Mar 30th, I received 3 letters from the s.o.s. 1st letter was that the sos was removed from my driving record and rescinded on Mar 28 per doc filed in court on Mar 12th. The 2nd letter was that my registration and plates were susp as of Mar 31. The 3rd letter was that my ill DL was revoked as of Mar 31, all from the Mar 12 proceedings. I received all 3 letters on Mar 30, My driving record list it like this, conv 3-12, revo eff 3-31, last is the resc eff 2-14 . It's still susp/revoked. Is this a Mistake?
By your question, it appears that you did not receive Court Supervision on the DUI. Usually, if it is someone's very...
If my spouse was not able to make their car payment or house payment due to the DUI is there something in a prenup that would protect me from that debt and debt collectors?
If a debt is only in your spouses name then no one will goo against you. if a debt is in both names then you will not...
I understand that taking a class similar to a SATOP class is mandatory. Will I be able to get a IL driver livense.
Illinois belongs to the National Reporting States System that shares driving information for prospective eligibility...
Served half of time of four year sentence. 9 most county. Six most prison. Rest on street. No new charges.....just three techs. One weed. One coke...ad hot breathalyzer Realize after the fact but still scared. Been four days since positive for coke.
Let me see if I get this straight. You were charged with criminal offenses. You either plead guilty or were found...