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I went to jail for 2 dwis and flee the seen. Been out for 30 days somehow on my first piss test I dropped for alcohol?!
What will happen? I was completely sober for 4 days had no clue when I pissed they would find alcohol.
First, I do not practice in MO, so I cannot tell you how the process goes there, but most states' probation procedure...
What is code 610.100.2,RSMo mean
from a dui ticket
Chapter 610 deals with the Sunshine Law. it is a way for people to get government records without having to file a...
How long can a lab hold a bac before they run the test and will the seperator in the tube effect the test?
I was stopped for a head light out on the 19th of Dec, and the report that I got on the blood test stated that it was ran on the 25th of Feb, is the blood sample still good, I was on percocet for a shoulder repair and have a clotting diesase. Is there any way the blood test is not right the percent was 0.085%?
I do not practice in MO, but your questions are general enough that I may offer some assistance. In most states, there...
Registering vehicle after DUI forfeiture in new state residence
My vehicle was forfeited in my DUI case a year ago and my car sat in my bank auction facility for 3 months. They contacted me and asked me if I wanted the car back. I asked my lawyer if I should and his reply was " if the bank is giving you your car back, I suggest doing so" I paid some fees, retrieved the vehicle and its been 60 days since I shipped it to my new home state I havent received any letters or communication from my home state. I had the vehicle shipped to my new state, so my question is, since it was a repossession title, when I register it in my new state, what will happen, if anything at all. I also will need to get it set up on interlock, reporting to my home state. I still have the original title, and the bank issued a new "secured interest" title.
It is not clear from the information what some of the issues are. A car title can be used to register the car in any...
My roommate got a DWI in Kansas about two years ago. He got a second one this past weekend in Missouri.
Did the first one transfer over to Missouri? Will he be considered a second time offender? How long will his license be suspended most likely? If his license is suspended will the court make exceptions to allow him to drive to work or will me or someone else have to drive him?
All DUI convictions will be counted regardless of the state that it was committed in, so yes he will be considered a...
How do I report a 4 month old drunk driving accident a friend had.
This guy drove home drunk on suspended licenses, illegal tags no insurance and was drunk. He totaled out his car and had a friend of his tow the car home before police could arrive. How can I report this crime.
You could contact your local police department or the district attorney to report the crime. However, it is unlikely...
I got a 3rd dwi in mo could I get my license back
I have 2 prior dwis but the first on was dropped to defective equipment does that count as a dwi since I refused to blow
You can, but the right question is when? Call the DOR or go into an office and see what they tell you. They're pretty...