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I'm 20 years old and received a under age drinking ticket & open container ticket. I didn't lie to the officer
and he didn't breathalize me. If proven guilty will I be allowed to travel to canada? Should I offer to take the Alchol Awarness course as a bargaining chip?
I can't answer your questions about admission to Canada, though my general impression is that only criminal offense,...
When do police have the right to breathalyze you in Wisconsin?
I was on the boat with some friends who were all 21 or older except for me and my friend, on shore i was with family (dad, grandma, etc) and popped open a beer. My friends and I went on teh boat and about an hour and a half or so later, we got stopped for not having registration. Two beer cans were visible, but were in possesion of 21 year olds. The cops then proceeded to breathalyze me and my friend even though they didn't see us drinking or even holding a beer. We also had a cooler, which the officer assumed was full with beer, but he never looked in it or asked too. He just did it. Are they allowed to do that? I blew a .006 and my friend blew zeros, she also had one beer at the same time I did. This would also be my 2nd underage ticket. How do I fight this?
PBT's are voluntary, though you are never told that. One question I have is, did you admit to consuming or possessing...
My Son went to School while under the influence and was caught. With Court how should he plead?
My Son ended up blowing a .082 while in school, he has court and everyone is saying it just an underage ticket. How should he plead?
Your question is far too complicated to address in this forum. You should hire a lawyer. The consequences for your son...
Should I enter a guilty plea in Waukesha wi for first DUI with no blood alcohol but blood result with 51 NG/ml morphine. Lawyer?
First court appearance is a plea. First time dui. Consented and cooperated. We do not understand test results.
There is no advantage to pleading guilty at the first appearance. If you have questions about the test results, that...
Do you always go to jail on second DUI?
I recently got my second DUI. My bac came back as .12 and the reason I was pulled over was for a license plate light being out. I have two kids and one on the way. I am complying with all bail requirements (no driving, no alcohol, wcs, and I have driver sadtey course scheduled) I am really very worried seeing as my boys need me, but lots of places I've look says jail is mandatory...but how much? And could probation or higher fines be an option instead? Is there something I can do to help my case?
The statutory minimum amount of jail on an OWI 2nd is 5 days. In some counties, it's more like 30. I recommend...
Driving without a iid for the first time will i see jail time
I only have one owi and it's been over three years since I have had it.. i don't own a car but I had to drive to work cause that was my only way to work that day .. i live in Wisconsin
It depends on the judge, the prosecutor, and your prior criminal history (not just for this offense). You want to get a...
I failed an IID breath test and could not start my vehicle. The IID is not court ordered. Will it affect my case.
I had the IID voluntarily installed to get familiar with it before the court ordered it. I have a DUI case pending. No plea has been entered, no sentence has beed imposed and the IID Lease agreement is not yet signed.
I would suggest to stay away from any alcohol or any substance that could prevent the equipment from working. Get the...