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I had a gotten my first dui case since feburary and it hasent been resolved yet and i just got a 2 dwls
i never had a dui or a dwls before these situations and the dui case seems funny cause you got 2 officers and a witness with 3 different statements i think my last day to take it to trial is june 18 2013 but can i please get some advice or help on my cases cause i know i can get them dropped with a good game plan cause the officers lied
More information is needed. Dui's are very fact specific. Please call me for a free consultation.
Is it best to admit to my pretrial diversion officer that I smoked marijuana before I come up positive?
I am certain that I will test positive for marijuana on my pretrial diversion drug test. The officer at contract signing said this was a "baseline" test. Should I admit that I smoked pot or wait for her to ask me? I was arrested for DUI months ago but was just accepted into the program and this is my first official meeting.
I cannot advise you, but the fact is it may not matter much whether you admit or not. As a baseline, they are trying...
Custody battle father has two duis, and public drunkenness.
Infant is unborn. Father lives out of state. I have no criminal record at all. Father has two duis, one in 2007, one in 2014 while on suspended license from 2007 DUI. Also 2012 public drunkenness. He has fits of rage. Ex wife is willing to testify on my behalf, him breaking things, throwing things, drug and alcohol use, frequent visits at adult swinger parties etc. My lawyer and I are going for supervised visits once little man is born. Is it likely we will be granted supervised visits at least for a certain period of time to make sure he is trustworthy?
This is a conversation that you should have with your attorney. He/She knows your case better than anyone on avvo, and...
When my boyfriend goes to his plea hearing tues can he request weekend jail his sentence is 6 days habitual driver suspended
My boyfriend is diabetic type1 and 2 and has a pacemaker he has court tues they offered him 6 days jail time and 1,year probation the issue is he is the soul provider goes to school,work just got full custody of his son and his charge was driving License suspended habitual offender but he took my keys n just drove even got lost rear ended someone bc his sugar was low ended up in hospital can he get weekend jail for his 6 days we r in orl,fl
He can ask for anything. Whether he'll get it or not, is another story. I suggest you consult with his attorney.
Florida DL out of state suspension
I had an Indiana DUI conviction 9mos ago. I was fined and suspended for 1 year. paid the fine. FL never suspended me. also there is no record of the DUI on my florida Driving record (just looked today) I also sent an inquirer to the problem driver data basa(driver registry) it came back NOT or no supensions . my concern I have to go to Indiana next month. in the unlikely event I get pulled over would I be charged with driving without a license? this issue has me very confused. ive been told if I have a valid DL I can drive under the full faith and credit act. ive also been told that I can be suspended from driving in a state even if I have a valid DL. there is nothing reflected on my DL about an Indiana dui, would an officer see anything that I don't see on my driving record thank you
You need to repost your question for Indiana attorneys, as Florida attorneys are not really qualified to address...
I am charged with fleeing and eluding and DUI, can I be hto?
my public defender is telling me i am getting probation for 18 months and that i will be guilty on both charges...i wanted to know does the fleeing and eluding count on hto and can i get a hardship license if i plea to these charges? I got a dui about 7 years ago...will that be a count on hto as well? thanks for any help... (any possibility a private atty can do better on this)
When you look at qualifying for habitual status, you are looking at a five (5) year time frame. So, your DUI...
Will they drug test me before they decide whether or not to file the charges? And next will it change the outcome if so?
I got arrested for possession of cannabis under 20 grams and also hashish oil, which i did not no was there and was literally a very very small amount. I am just looking for some insight, because some people have told me that they might drug test me before making the decision to file the charges or not. But to me i find that unlikely.
its not likely that the state will seek a search warrant to obtain blood or urine samples before making a charging...