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If an undocumented person gets arrested for drunk driving and is married to a U.S citizen, can deportation be avoided?
The person has been arrested before for the same reason, but was released because the jail was full.
I would direct your question to a qualified Immigration Law attorney. The undocumented individual who has TWICE been...
I got a DUI this weekend and have court on Monday and I cant get a hold of any DUI attorneys, do I just wait until one calls
I got a DUI this weekend and have court on Monday and I cant get a hold of any DUI attorneys, do I just wait until one calls me back on Monday? What if they're busy with other cases?
It is best to attempt to get a hold of another DUI attorney. It is better to be proactive. I will be in my office for...
How long does it take to be charged with dui/ reckless in Washington state?
I was in an accident on dec 29 ,2012no other car involved.. I was put under arrest for dui , I was in the hospital 6 days with broken back. I still have not received a fine ,court date, nothing.How long does it take to be charged? Its now March 28th, and I have not had any contact from anyone about this matter.They did blood tests at the hospital for alcohol level.( I really don't think I was over the limit) Can I still be" under arrest" even though nothings been done?I need to know how long Washington has to charge me.
It is common to be charged many months later. Retain a local criminal lawyer now to be prepared.
1st offense DWLS 3rd degree Washington state .
Is there anything I can do to prevent jail time? I'm a full time college student with 3 children. I don't have the money to get my license back right away.
You should hire an attorney. Although it is apparently quite rare for a court to sentence anybody to jail time for a...
Does a minor dui count towards an adult dui
i recived a minor dui 6 months ago and last night recived a dui.
Hey minor DUI is not a prior offense for the purposes of DUI sentencing. However, that just affects the mandatory...
Have been accused of refusal to blow for DUI when I blew 3 times. 1 in field and 2 at station. What are chances of dismissal?
I got a DUI, do not know what I blew in the field. Passed walk. Went to the station and blew 2 more times, accused of refusal. I have asthma and asked for my inhaler. Made me blow again before giving me the medicine. Also, on divigel daily, a gel that rubs into your skin (96% alcohol). Attorney is taking straight to trial. I did not refuse to blow and was very cooperative. i was told to sign something i didn't understand and stated I would like to speak with someone before i signed anything. The arresting officer offered to read it to me. As he was reading he was not reading word for word and passing over details. I did not have my glasses and wasn't comfortable in trusting the officer after his demeanor changed when I said I wanted to speak with an attorney before I signed anything.
You have an attorney. What are you hoping to get from lawyers who do not know the specifics of your situation or the...
Need advice
I was arrested for dui and my bac was .180 I have no defense, so my public defender has given me my options But I am not sure what the best route would be. If I plead guilty the prosecutor has agreed to the minimum. My I Other option is to go deferred. I am not clear what is in my best interest. I am a single mother on a very fixed income. I know I screwed up, it was a one time mistake that I do not plan to ever make again. I appreciate any advice you can give.
It's always hard in this forum to answer questions blindly. I understand that your public defender is indicated that...