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  • Pines Resident Bilked Out Of $40K In Internet Scam

    Jun 22, 2016 | via The Dispatch 

    A 96-year-old Ocean Pines resident has been bilked out of $40,000 in an Internet sweepstakes scam, but authorities at least have some leads in what are typically long-shot cases. Ocean Pines Police Chief David Massey this week said the elderly resident of the community had fallen prey to an Internet scam that has unfortunately become all too common.


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Can I drive a boat while still having restricted license even though a license is not required for boating?
I refused a breathalyzer test in Maryland and now been penalized with the Ignition interlock Device for 1 year from MVA. Received PBJ on the criminal proceedings; no conditions except class. Never challenged the MVA penalty.
You run the risk that you if charged with operating under the influence, the Court would impose jail time, the...
DUI and DWUI with a blood alcohol content of .089 and the officer didn't read me my rights. Do I stand a chance of getting off?
Last night I was stopped for speeding, doing a 39 in a 30. The officer asked if I was drinking I said the truth and replied with what I had and only 4-5 beers. Which I only had 5 beers and the last one being 10 minute before being pulled over.I was completely aware of everything and was being as truthful and friendly as possible with the officer. I did all the sobriety tests and was very nervous and scared cause this is my first time ever being in this situation. He asked if I wanted to take the breathalyzer and at this point I was even more nervous so I agreed. I blew a .089 and got put in cuffs but he never read me my rights. Then I was scared and when he asked if I wanted to take the test again at the station I refused. Do I have a good case of getting off & not have this on my record?
Number 1. Talk to a lawyer. They can review your record or lack there of, and put you in the best position to...
Can I wait out a suspension imposed by the Maryland Medical Advisory Board?
I have a 3 year alcohol restriction and a Interlock device. I have violated those terms and have had the Interlock device uninstalled. My License is currently suspended. It doesn't give me an end date. Can I out wait the suspension or would I have to complete a 90 day alcohol treatment program? The only problem is to be enrolled in the program I would need some type of license allowing me to drive myself to and from the program. Is this unheard of?
The best advice I can give you is to contact an attorney who handles DUI cases and set up a consultation as soon as you...
I was charged with indecent exposure x2 and disorderly conduct I was Drunk
I was walking down the boardwalk when the tram train car hit my hand. I turned around and was struck by the train. The police stated that they followed me and placed me under arrest. For disorderly conduct stating that I had hit the car intentionally. While In my jail cell, they ask me to cut the string from my swimsuit or take it off for a jumpsuit. While taking it off, I turned around and officers claim that I placed my buttocks against the "chow" door of the cell. Then water appeared next to the toilet and cell door. I was using the water until it was shut off. Officers claim that I urinated inside of my cell. No cameras were I was charged with two counts of indecent exposure. I was recently charged with disorderly conduct at the same location in June, which was nolle pros And expunged.
Asker, you didn't ask a question, you realize this, right?
my boyfriend had a dui in PA 3 years ago, did ARD, fines etc and had expunged. 2 wks ago got arrested for public intoxication and according to the paperwork he brought home, it said that his charges are public intoxication/endangerment - and it also goes on to say that he could get 90 days and or $100 fine, they would not let him pay the $100 fine right then and there, and someone (DA or judge) mentioned that he had a colorful past - he also applied for the community service program and was denied so we are wondering if his expunged dui case here in PA will have (or is having) any impact on his charges/sentencing in MD and if he was sentenced to prison for 90 days would he go directly to jail or can he come home and get his personal affairs in order and have a surrender date.
It is a criminal charge so he must go to court. He should have an attorney representing him. Sometimes, an attorney...
What is the possible outcome of an interesting circumstance regarding VOP?
I am currently on probation for my second DUI which took place January of 2013. My supervised probation terms conclude May 2016. I recently had an encounter with an Ocean City police officer wherein he wrote an email to my probation officer stating I was highly intoxicated outside of a bar in Ocean City. I was not charged with anything at all. He just apparently wanted to bring it to her attention. Mind you, I have completed successfully the SCRAM program 2 years ago and treatment for mental and addiction 1 year ago. In this time I have gotten married, most recently had a child whom is 3 months old. I was out for a friend's birthday, officer approached me sitting on a bench while I was waiting for my husband to pick me up.
Absolutely no way to an competent attorney to answer this in this limited forum. You're going to have to sit down with...
DUI on B1/b2 visa
I was charged with DUI in Maryland. If I receive Probation Before Judgement, will I be able to return to US on sudent visa next year? thank you!
Single DUI, 1st misdemeanor offense is not an issue with re-entry. http://www.avvo.com/legal/answer_questions_search?...