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I have a DUI charge from 20+ years ago in Md. I live in NC. Can I have a lawyer represent me in court without being present ?
Typically yes but the attorney would certainly have to let you know. Here in NC you can enter a plea by waiver which...
Received a ticket for operating a motor vehicle under the influence under the age of 21. what will happen?
I took a breath test and blew a .05. There is nothing only my ticket about my BAC. Only that i had alcohol in my system while operating a motor vehicle under the age of 21.
That's all that is required to convict you under the law. You need to avoid posting any additional information about...
I was convicted of DWI level 5, on appeal due to not allowing my witness back at S.O. Is this a good appeals case?
I requested a blood test but deputy said if witness not here in specific time period we will go ahead with breath analyzer. They were there but did not allow back with me.
Without knowing all the facts it sounds like you might have some grounds for appeal. You should definitely consult with...
Can a habitual DUI be used as a trigger felony for a habitual DUI and habitual felon.
my husband just got 77 to 120 months for habitual DUI..the hit him with habitual felon because of it and I'm trying to help him get a appeal. But I need to know facts someone plz help..
That is an EXTRAORDINARILY COMPLEX legal issue that involves aspects of traditional DWI Defense and Habitual Felony...
Tried to blow at a recent dwi test and failed,was refused chem analysis.
I was recently pulled over and arrested for a dwi in North Carolina, the police report is full of inaccuracy and the charges will be throw out. I attempted to blow, i WanteD to blow but failed five times. I was refused chem analysis. I received an "automatic refusal". My attorney says there is no fighting this. As you know this law is ridiculous ie: not intoxicated, not guilty, but one looses their license for a year. My two questions are, is there an argument to this, and how does one begin the process of addressing this law, and changing it? I appreciate your time.
If the charges are being "thrown out" you need not address the law. However, if you are looking to change the law, you...
Can I be convicted of a DUI when there is no evidence but an officer's opinion of my state at the time
I was in a car accident & hit hard by the air bag An officer should up & asked me some questions however I was no longer in my car The accident happened at 10:30 I did admit that I had 2 glasses of wine around 7 I have now been charged with a DUI however it is all based on how the officer observed me He claims he smelled alcohol on my breath & my vision was blurry (i did not have on my glasses) I was confused red eyes (i was crying) & slurred speech Like I said I had just been hit hard by an air bag & was later diagnosed with a concussion He did not test me because he did not want to get involved in charging me. A trooper who later showed up charged me but never saw me Will a judge convict me when all of the officer's observations can be explained by the hit by the air bag
This is where a DUI attorney is extremely important. Immediately retain one. Use find a lawyer here.
Charged DWI. but tested only at .07. Why are they able to charge me. Possible outcomes. How will this affect insurance and licen
admitted to alcohol but was unconcerned as having had so little and time had passed. They tried to make me fail the field test but making me stand on one foot far too long and uneven surface. This is not right. I was not impaired. Had 4 wines beginning at 5. Was stopped at 10. Roadblock.
I don't practice in NC but most states also have a DUI statute that makes it illegal to drive while under the influence...