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Why didn't they arrest my boyfriend after he got discharged from the hospital ? For a dui
My boyfriend wasn't arrested after his accident , the ambulance took him to the hospital and the next day they discharged him to me there was no cops and the nurses said that is all you can take him Home now he needs to rest and now we don't know anything nothing has happened and there's no report online about his accident
It may well be that the police are still investigating this case and making a determination whether or not to arrest...
I have to take a 12 hour dui class to get my license back can i take it in a diffrent state?
Can i take a class in a diffrent state for a 12 hour class
Please check with the court that advised you to take the course.
How do I get Texas a d Florida to cooperate for my license?
my driver's license is revoked in the state of Texas I was required to take a class of 15 hours drug education I took the class here in Florida where I live one of the conditions was that I do treatment I went to treatment for 6 months in Dallas Texas the treatment center has changed hands so I could not get anybody to verify my stay at treatment I will cannot get my license reinstated until Florida and Texas agree I paid all the fees needed took a 20 hour class the school will not specify 20 hours in writing I cannot get texas to say yes I went to treatment I was court-ordered to treatment for six months by the judge and successfully completed it along with their probation the treatment center changed management so nobody will say yes I've been there I need help getting cooperation for my license
They will not say yes until you are able to get your license reinstated in TX. To get them to say yes, you have to do...
Do I have to go to my first court appearance or can I hire legal representation for an Out-State-DUI?
I was arrested for a DUI while in Florida on Vacation. I posted bail and returned back to my home state of South Carolina. I have court this week but really cannot take off work to travel back to Florida. So I would like to know if i hire representation would that be something I can do?
Q: Do I have to go to my first court appearance or can I hire legal representation for an Out-State-DUI? A: If you...
If I ask for a copy of my clean drug test, while I am on probation, from my probation officer is she obligated to give me a copy
I am on misdemeanor probation and I am required to take a drug test once per month. I also have to go to counciling for a period of 4 months. They also require a drug test once a month but will except the one from my probation if I can bring a copy. I ask the probation officer for a copy and she doesn't seem to want to give me a copy. I would think I have a right to get a copy of test.
If she won't agree to do it, yiu can always speak her supervisor. Understand that your PO can make your life tough if...
What happens in a case (2nd DUI) if the defendant is incarcerated in another county’s jail at the time of his DUI arraignment?
The person was already on felony probation in Marion County, FL (cocaine possession) at the time of his second DUI (plus 5 years) in Indian River County, FL. He bonded out of jail there and then proceeded to get arrested four days later for an open container of alcohol in Orange County, FL where the VOP was discovered. He bonded out AGAIN and came home to Marion County. Upon visiting with his parole officer he was booked into jail with no bond for the VOP. Arraignment in Vero Beach is 05 July 2016 for the DUI and next appearance for the VOP in Ocala is 17 July 2016. The arraignment for the open container in Orlando is 19 July 2016. He will likely miss both court dates so will the courts in the other counties be notified he is in jail in Marion County?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Incarceration in jail in another jurisdiction is not always "caught" even when it is...
My license is been suspended for : failure to complete substance-abuse treatment. I've already completed it.
My probation officer has my discharge paper work from the treatment center. Why is DMV trying to do this
DU is a bifurcated process in FL, involving both the Court system and the DMV. You PO is associated with the court...