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What is the penalty for 2 DUIs and 1 Physical Control in Ohio?
1st DUI was 16 years ago, Physical control 4 years ago- pleaded down. 2nd DUI just happened and going to court in a week- BAL double the limit. No collison, speeding but was not put on ticket. Thanks very much for any information.
This is your first offense in six years. So, the mandatory minimum penalties will not be enhanced. However, you could...
When will I find out my charges?
I was in an accident totalling my vehicle. I was in the hospital overnight. They did blood tests , my bac was over the legal limit. I am in the care of my family at their home . How will I be contacted , will I receive a summons? I am not at my home because of my injuries, will a warrant be issued ? Should I call the highway patrol?
If there are charges or a traffic citation against you, you should be able to find it online or by contacting the clerk...
How should I go about my court case for an underage drinking ticket?
I am over 18 years old. There was a party a friends house and it got busted by sheriffs. I did run initially but I didn't know it was the cops at first. I thought it was a parent busting the party since the cops don't normally come out to were we live. But the cop didn't site me for that. I got underage drinking on a private property but the cops never seen me with a beer and never gave me a breathalyzer test. They also never said my rights if that matters. So what should at the court hearing that's in a 3 days?
Should hire a lawyer to argue on your behalf
Do i need a lawyer fir first offense under age dui of Razor
Under age driving on a razor snd recked. Have a class a commercial drivers license
I cannot stress to you how important it is that you hire an experienced OVI attorney immediately.
O V I charge reduced with no video, fines extreme, was lawyer correct in recommendation?
Had 2 drinks 1 1/2 hours prior. court postponed 3 times, No video because officer did not do his job. my lawyer said I should take the plea because it becomes my word against officer. I feel 6 months suspension, 400.00 fine plus court cost , alcohol class with jail tim if I have any problems in next 2 years is excessive for 1st offense at 57 years old.
You were very fortunate to get a reduction. Your penalties are typical. You could have been sent to jail for 180 days...
ALS/OVI Officer did not check box stating "placed under administrative license suspension"
I was arrested for OVI on 4/1/16. The officer took me back to police station and asked me to submit to a breathalyzer. I refused to submit, and told officer that I would agree to a blood test, but not a breathalyzer because I did not trust the results of the machine. The officer took me to the hospital and had a blood draw taken. After the blood draw, the officer issued me "BMV 2255 Administrative license suspension". At the initial appearance I appealed the ALS because the officer didn't check the box that says "placed under administrative license suspension". The Judge overruled the appeal, and the ALS in now in place. My question is if there is any case law that says the "box must be checked" in order for ALS to be in place. Is the receipt of the citation considered "under suspension" no matter what boxes were checked? I am working with an attorney who is not experienced in OVI and I am trying to help as much as I can. Thanks for any answers.
As you indicate you are represented by counsel, it is not appropriate for us to offer you advice about your case. You...
Can I get charged with an underage without being breathalyzed or taking any tests?
I got charged with an underage. They found me sleeping on a bench. They asked me if I was drinking and I said the night before. They never had me do a breathalyzer test or anything. Is there any way that I can get out of it?
Unfortunately, they do not have to give you a breathalyzer in order to prove your guilt. They can use other evidence,...