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How I get driver's license back if ASAP was unsuccessfully completed but case was dimiss for dui but guilty for drug 4yrs ago ?
It was 4 yrs ago so dui case was dismissed. Drug possession case I was found guilty because ASAP program was unsuccessfully completed. I took ASAP classes and finished. First hearing classes was not available yet. Waited to long to take classes and sheriff came with subpoena for another court date. Finally took classes and finished. Because I didn't do it correctly first time with community service and drug screening it is unsuccessfully completed. DMV says probation period for me is over and can now obtain license if I bring proof I took classes which I did and finished but not successfully. What should I do?
You should get the documentation that you completed ASAP and provide that to DMV. ASAP should have a record of this if...
Can I challenge/apply for a restricted license when dmv suspends my license for 90 days because of 24 negative pts in 24 months?
I was never in a probation period. I just received a notice of suspension. Anything I can do? I do have to take the classes.
The VA DMV has the statutory authority to suspend your privilege to drive in VA for excessive accumulated points.
Entering Canada with a Virginia "refusal" conviction.
I have an old VA conviction for civil test refusal, and would like to travel to Canada. Resultant DMV suspension/reinstatement are resolved. Will this be an issue at the border? Does Virginia even report "refusals" to the databases used by border agents? Attorney who handled VA refusal case was unfamiliar with these issues. Advice on how to proceed?
You may want to direct your question to an immigration attorney, however since it was a civil matter and not criminal (...
Am I permitted to drive to court to have my restricted drivers license amended if I get a new job?
Restricted license issued following a DUI conviction.
Virginia restricted driving licenses ordinarily state that the licensee may drive to court dates. It is important to...
I completed all of the VASAP classes and fines and my 1 year court ordered probation ended 4 days ago.
I read about an Exit interview is required for ASAP but was never asked to come in at all during the 1 year probation, I have called and left several messages and never get a call back.....According to the court paper it said I am on probation for 1 year, My year of probation ended a few days ago..... Am I Free and clear now ?? I just do not want to have a beer and get called by ASAP for the exit interview and get tested and fail. - Have not had a beer for the entire year so not rushing out to get it, but wanted to know if I am free and clear now even without an exit interview from ASAP with my 1 year date has passed. -- Thank you for any help ! :)
If you have fulfilled all of your obligations and not had any difficulties during the time you have been with VASAP,...
I had a DWI conviction on a plea deal in prince William county in 2012 and fulfilled the sentence
My job at risk my reputation is questioned. Is there I way I can still fight it knowing that the officer stopped for stopping at a green light wanting to turn but changed my mind, there was no video recordings on a dashboard to release by police.he mentioned I was straddling lanes which never happened, my friend as a passanger witnessed it. No accidents no injuries happened
No. You pled guilty. The time to worry about your reputation was before trial when considering the plea agreement and jail.
I have a D.U.I in another state. and a warrant for FTA. What do I do?
I had a lawyer help reduce the charges but after we agreed to the plea I never heard back. And now I have the warrant for fta. but I'm not getting any info from the court or my old lawyer. I have no idea where to begin or what to do
Did you pay the lawyer? Continue trying to contact the lawyer you think you hired or retain another attorney who...