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What will Hayward, CA courts do with a DUI of Marijuana charge for someone who has a clean record other than a DUI from yrs ago?
Clean record with DUI from 6 yrs ago. No possession charges ever. No drug charges of any kind ever. Stays out of trouble and loves to work.
There is no meaningful way to answer your question. It will depend entirely on what happened in your case, the amounts...
How much time does the court have to prosecute a dui after charges have been filed?
i got a dui on december 2009 it is now may 2011. its been a year and 6 month. i plead not guilty . they keep changing my trial date. how long can they do this for?
For a misdemeanor DUI they have one year from your arrest to file charges. For a felony it's three. However in your...
What amount of marijuana in the blood is considered a DUI amount ?
What amount of marijuana in the blood is considered a DUI amount ?
There really is no level at which you're guaranteed to be charged with marijuana DUI... just like there's no level at...
What happens to someone when they have not paid their DUI fine for a first offense and are arrested for a warrant for the dui?
My boyfriend has been supporting my 3 kids and I instead of paying off his Dui charge and was pulled over and arrested due to a warrant the court issued for him I believe for not paying the fine. We are in northern california and the jurisdiction is in southern ca Los Angeles. According to the jail they are just holding him for 5 days until LA decides if they want to pick him up. He is a full time college student and does not work so he hasnt had much accept his GI Bill to pay for school and I pay all of our bills. I have the money for the fine now but I am worried, do you think most judges will keep him in jail for not being able to afford it, or do you think they might allow me to pay this for him?
The fine can be converted to jail time and you can have it resolved that way. Ultimately, you will go before the judge...
Do I need a dui lawyer
On probation for a dui from 2012 and just recently got 2 more 3 months apart
A third DUI concurrent with a second offense and on probation for a prior is a very serious offense. Not only are you...
PV hearing May1 in Contra Costa County, CA for non completion of DUI prog and owe 1800 in fines What's going to happen to me?
Plead no contest to 1st and only DUI charge in May 2012 due to solo injury (myself) auto accident in April 2009. I was arrested with guns drawn in 2011 at a grocery store parking lot by 4+ sheriff cars and taken to Martinez on a 30,000 warrant that I didn't know existed as I was unaware of DUI charge in the first place. I was air lifted to John Muir from scene of accident and released 4 days later in a halo.My brakes failed and rear ended a semi truck. Never considered the possibility of DUI charge as alcohol wasn't a factor (in my mind) and I've no criminal history or behaviors that would of made me suspect. The 11/2 year prosecutorial delay, incorrect address info, improper legal rep, revocation of CDL and my disabilities have caused significant delays to this case.
They can jail you up to 6 months on a first DUI probation violation.
I'm trying to get my record expunged in a just got a dui..this is my second one, the first one was in 2008.
Can this stop me from expunging my record?
You will not be able to get an expungement while the DUI is pending and it will make it more difficult afterwards....