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What will happen if I don't have a lawyer for the sentencing phase in a dui case that involves property damage
I hit a parked car and drove away. Got arrested for dui and wreckless driving
I would encourage you to hire an attorney.
Can I be fired for a DUI charge before a conviction is made?
I am a tenured teacher in the state of Tennessee. I was charged with a DUI. The school system that I am now teaching with is trying to fire me. Can they fire me without a conviction? I am not part of any union but I know that I have a due process hearing allowed for tenured teachers. What course of action can they legally pursue and what course of action should I pursue?
This is a question better put to an employment lawyer than a DUI lawyer.
What if I don't have a lawyer for my second court date for a dui
I can't afford a lawyer and just recently lost my job not because of the dui
Contact the local public defenders office immediately.
Violated probation getting my 3rd dui. my pd says i will do 6 months. will a paid lawyer get me less time?can i get house arrest
violated in march of 14, probation would have been over in june. i havent been convicted of the 3rd dui yet. it is in mississippi. how can i stay out of jail?
For some reason I can't see what state you're from but if these case was in California, I would say yes, a private...
My ex got arrested for oxycodone possession as well as drug paraphernalia and DUI with our child in the car.
He got pulled over with oxycodone pills just two. But he also had drug paraphernalia such as straws with crushed residue in side. My four-year-old son was inside the vehicle. I'm just curious what charges he may be facing such as child endangerment and how long he could potentially go to jail or prison. I would also like to know what the likelihood of me getting full physical and legal custody. He failed all of his sobriety test a hospital did a blood test and he was positive.
Well, it sounds like he could be charged with two felonies (Possession of a controlled substance-2 counts) , 1 count of...
Is there anyway to get him moved back to a we work pod ?
There paperwork errors are why he was move off the errors where fixed but he wasn't moved back I was told to puck him up Feb 12 why are the laws different in Haywood county we are from SC they didn't have a paper showing where the illedge substantial was tested then had one john says its not him hand writing we paid a lawyer till we where drained DRI n after 2 years we gave up he's a cattle truck driver n I'm struggling to keep the lights on
you post makes no sense I can discern. Someone "him"(?) made some paperwork errors. You picked someone up on...
Am I being charged correctly or what do I need to do ?
I recently had my pre trial diversion terminated for failing a drug test while on probation. My original charge was theft under 500. When I went to court to get the penalty for failing the test my appointed lawyer handed me the paper to sign with my charges (which said simple possession and 30 days of jail.) And instead of jail they gave me 60 days of house arrest. I have never been in trouble till this so I thought the simple possession was for failing the drug test. I know people who have violated probation for the first time and it's been nothing like what I am going through.
You make the decision on what to do in your case. Every case is different.