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How do you keep your drivers license up to date if you are in jail when they expire?
I dont have any charges that took my license i just will be still incarcerated when they expire
Since you don't have to drive anywhere, just renew it when you get out. Some states allow you to renew your license...
I'm on probation, For dui. earlyier I had a minor accident I hit the car in front of me their car was fine will I get introuble?
Okay so this morning it was raining very hard I was in back-to-back traffic the person in front of me brakes very hard I break hard as well with what seemed I would have stopped well in advance but my brakes locked up and I slid into there bumper just barely bumping it. Their car suffered only minor damage one small bottom tail light broke in their bumper was slightly off on the right side and appeared to have almost no other damage. My car took the brunt of the damage they still insisted on getting my insurance information I told them that I would pay out of pocket after they get an estimate since it appeared it would cost no more than two hundred bucks. I'm also on probation for a DUI the cops did not come to the scene we agree to just settle things later. Can I get in trouble for violation of probation for this accident? And if I report the accident to my insurance company will my rates go up even if I don't file a claim?
A car accident should not violate your probation unless you should not have been driving in the car that you were in.
Can you get a license to get a gun if you have two DUI convictions?
I know some crimes prevent you from getting a gun in MD was wondering if this was one of those crimes.
A DUI is not specifically a disqualifying offense. However, it could become so if you were convicted and received an...
What is the correct detection time or period a ETG/ETS urine test can detect alcohol in your system. Is it 80 hour or more?
Wanted to inquire about how long an ETG/ETS test can detect alcohol in your system. Some say 80 hours while other say possibly up to 96 and 110.
It depends on the person and the amount of alcohol consumed. "Among persons who are not alcoholics participating in...
How will I know if I passed a urine test for my pretrial Supervision ?
Its been a week and three days since I last took my UA for pretrial supervision and I have five more days until my next appointment for another sample. Its only my second test taken, the first one being dirty due to my prior use before entering pretrial services. I wanted to know, will my Pretrial Supervisor contact me if I failed or wait till our next appointment to let me know. And, if I did fail what will be the results ?
Since none of us lawyers work for pre-trial no know if your results will be back you will have to call them. Fail...
Will a traffic citation violate my probation?
I recently got pulled over because I was unknowingly driving with the headlights turned off. the officer gave me a warning for that but gave me citation because I was driving alone with only a permit. Will this citation violate my probation?
Driving without required supervision on a permit carries 5 points and a significant fine. A conviction or PBJ will...
What kind of time am I looking at for violating probation twice .
I didn't report and had a dirty urine. Original charge was driving on a suspended license.
The decision is up to the judge. You can be sentenced to some or all of the unserved sentence. If you received...