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Do I answer yes or no to this question w/ respect to medical licensing if I have a recent DUI arrest (arraignment not yet held)?
Is there anything in your past history that would limit your ability to be licensed or would limit your ability to receive hospital privileges? Again, I have not had a conviction yet. Only an arrest and awaiting my arraignment.
What would you say to a patient facing an illness that could destroy his career? Would you tell that person to ask for...
Will i go to jail if i dont complete dui class?
I got a dui i completed 9 days of community service but not the classes yet
I will re-route this to criminal defense so criminal defense attorneys can answer.
I have a dui from 2008. I never attended dui school because I don't drive. Now I want to get a car and get my license back.?
I called the DUI school in Oakland CA and they told me I have to get a DUI Referral since its been so long. Is that really necessary? Can I just get something from DMV?
The DUI Referral is what you need to get from the DMV in order to take the steps necessary to get your license back.
Another county take dui classes and can I get fee waiver if I'm homeless but won't licence dui happen when I was 18 i had two?
Two dui at 18 and 19 none since serve 10day in jail and had to do a class but that was in 1999 and 2000 no problems since then. But recently was told have to do 6month class by d mv But am in a different county can I get fee waiver for this county or do I have to go back to the original county.
The DMV should accept any six month class as long as it is taken within California. Good luck to you.
Do I have much chance at a defense if I was blacked out during my arrest for DUI (DMV or court hearing)?
I was pulled over and arrested for DUI early Friday morning. I actually have very little to no memory of what occurred; I was at a birthday party Thursday evening and the next thing I clearly recollect is being in a holding cell around 8:30am. The officer who would periodically check my alcohol level for release did not know why I was in there, he thought it might have been public drunkenness, so I couldn't get anyone to inform me of what my charges were until very close to noon on Friday. I may or may not have had blood drawn, there was a bandage on my arm where it looks like they might have drawn blood. I need to schedule some sort of DMV hearing within the next 7 or 8 days. My car was parked at the site of my arrest, I had to ask them where that was, I was released without having to post bail as far as I know. I am waiting for a police report to find out the rest. This is my first arrest and offense. Should I obtain counsel for the DMV hearing? Do I really have much of a chance at a defense if I can't remember anything (being arrested, being read my rights, being processed, if I consented to an alcohol test?) Thank you all for your time.
You pose a lot of excellent questions. But they really can't be answered online. You need to schedule an intake...
Help! I damaged the pink sheet the officier gave me when I was arrested for a DUI can I get a replacement temporary license?
I accidentally washed clothes where my temporary license was stored. Can I get a replacement?
You can contact DMV... but the bigger question is whether you requested a hearing within ten days of arrest. If you...
When applying for a job at a dealership with a dui how far back will they check on the driving record?
I am applying for a job and they told me I have points on my driving record, the dui happened in 2010 and it is 2017 now I am getting frustrated on who or what to do to get answers.
Normally employers request the 3 year DMV record because that is how long tickets normally stay on your record....