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  • $5.7 million of meth distributed in central Wisconsi...

    Thursday Mar 9 | via WAOW 

    A three year investigation by local, state and federal law enforcement resulted in 19 people pleading guilty to conspiring to distribute $5.7 million of methamphetamine, according to a release from the Department of Justice. Meth was sold in Wisconsin communities including Wausau, Merrill, Medford, Abbotsford, Owen, Athens, Eau Claire, and Osseo, U.S. Attorney John W. Vaudreuil said.


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A friend he is not to be named wants to use K2 can it show up in the new drug test or if a lab gose over the ua for confirmation
I have a friend a guy he wants to use I keep telling him no he suggested k2 I told him the conciquences he is wondering if k2 can show up on uas for probation with the new kits they use and a lab ua check test I want to know some ones opinion to talk him out of it he is on uas in Washington county mn
First, K2 can be very dangerous and inconsistent. Second, I would have to assume any drug test would at least identify...
After my dwi I got smart start in my truck for 1 year.Can my county make me keep it for 2 more years for a felony I got befor?
I've had smart start in my truck for a year after my dwi. I went to see if I could get it out, they told me they added 2 more years on for a felony I received before the dwi. I didn't violate my probation. Can they do that?
Typically it is the department of public safety issuing you a notice of revocation that will state what the revocation...
Can you take classes or community service to help lessen the blow of underage dui
Court hearing December 7 2016 and my birthday is 01/30/1996 I will be 21. I was curious if there was a defense to get me to take classes or anything at all so I don't run the risk of getting whiskey plates
You should discuss these matters with your attorney. If you don't have one, use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of...
I was charged with failiure to drive a vehicle with due care. I'm only 16. Can I get my license revoked until age 18 for this?
This is my first and only driving offense. When the accident happened I was doing under the limit. I did have two passengers when the law states that I can only have one. No one was injured but I totaled my brand new car. Also will taking a defensive driving course or signing up for one help me in any way?
I'm not sure why you are asking this question under DWI category. Maybe you should re-post it in the criminal defense...
MN WI dwi
I would like to ask I was a resident of Wi for over a year, worked for company in WI, payed Taxes to state of WI, got dwi in WI but did not change my licance over from mn I can prove all of this so how according to dwi law jursdiction that it goes to the state you reside in and have done everything Wi has asked. I am valid in WI how can mn make me do more when to prove residency to get a licance you have to prove you live there I can prove I did not live there
Not sure I see a question here, but I vaguely see a question about where jurisdiction lies to file the dui/dwi....
When I start EHM for 3rd deg DWI will I be drug tested
I was convicted of 3rd deg dwi in Washington co, sentenced to 1 month home monitoring. "no drug or alcohol use" was NOT part of my probation terms, just no drug related or alcohol related. When I go in to fill out paperwork will I have to go on home monitoring that day & do a drug test? (I am a chronic marijuana smoker) Or do they drug test me when I start? What happens if I fail?
I suggest you have a serious talk with the attorney who represented you if you are not familiar with all of the terms &...
MN DL B-card violation
If a person with a b-card was cited for a crime and the police report states they "appeared drunk" but at no time during that citation process were they observed to posses or consume alcohol or asked about or tested for alcohol consumption does that constitute "satisfactory evidence" for a b-card violation? What evidence, if any, is needed in these circumstances?
That report would have to make it to the DPS and somehow connected to your b- card restriction. If this did happen,...