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How long does a dui warrant last
14 years ago a got a dui i paid my fine and did my my time do i still have to go to the classes?
It depends. If the judge revoked your probation because you failed to complete the classes, then the warrant could...
My son lost his license in Alabama for DUI (1st offense) and also received probation. He moved to California and go pulled over
for a headlight out and got a ticket for driving with a suspended license. What penalty does he face?
He violated Vehicle Code 14601.2(a), driving on a license suspended for a DUI. There is a ten day minimum jail term...
I have 6 days of work program in Sacramento, I live near Modesto with no car or license, can I switch to home detention?
I plead no contest to misdemeanor DUI, and driving on a suspended license, nothing else on my record. I have 6 days to serve for the suspended license while getting a DUI. They said I could turn myself in on a certain date, do work program or home detention. The judge transferred my DUI classes to Stanislaus county where i live but did not transfer work project. I have no car or license and the trains don't go to Sacramento early enough for me to get to work project. I was wondering if it is too late to switch to home detention. I haven't started work project yet, and haven't paid anything for classes yet but signed up for it and a payment plan.
No way to tell without asking the Court.
DUI's, DMV and laws before 1999. I got a DUI when I was 19 in 9/91 under VC 23152B, this is not the one in question Got another:
1/94 VC 23152B & 146011 (these numbers changed a few times on my print out and went from being non reportable to reportable) My next item is 12/98 VC23152A & HS 11377, My license was sus in 9/93 rein 7/96 with restrictions Then susp again in 3/97, Never reinstated by DMV and ended up Revoked for something in 1998 that did not really happen until 1999. DMV in Jan/Feb of 1999 just stated I now need to complete an 18 month program that they state was mandatory before the new laws came into place. But after some research I found they weren't inforced till 2000. So where does the 10 yrs start to not be reortable and start coming off my record? Can they really tell me to take a class yrs later? All of my DMV print out is over 10 yrs Can u explain how they can do this
If I am reading your question correctly, you received 3 separate DUI convictions (Sept. 1991, Jan. 1994, and Dec. 1998?)...
When do things like DUI's starting coming off of your DMV record? When/what month & year did the 18 month Program become apart
Of law in CA and DMV enforced? Is there a Statue of limitations on things in the DMV and on your driving record? Even if violations are close together they should fall off..
DUI's don't come off of your record. Your record is a permanent record.
How many points does a DUI put on my CDL in CA
My friend just got a DWI a couple days ago and wants to know if any body will hire him after his year is up
2 points. Are you asking about a commercial license?
Misdemeanor DUI expunged - If asked on a job app if I have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime do I have to say yes?
If expunged do I have to say yes to being convicted of a crime on a job application?
In California, your conviction is never actually expunged, it is dismissed. If your conviction is dismissed under...