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I would like to know could the judge turn a DWI which I was charged with into a DUI If so why
have a DWI in the blow test was thrown out I have to take the field test now the cops did some lying I feel that I have a good chance but I do not feel that my lawyer is working in my best interest
If you feel your lawyer is not working in your best interest your always free to hire another lawyer. BUT it sounds...
But when I go under oath for the field test and asked the question was I drinking I say yes can the judge hit me with a DUI
I have a DWI my blow test was thrown out by the judge to never be brought up again
If your blow test was thrown out by the judge you must have had a lawyer represent you. If you have a lawyer...
Judge Giving Less Than Mandatory Minimum for DUI?
Hi there. Recently I was charged with a DUI at .18 BAC. Under state minimum sentencing laws, this means that I would have three main consequences: 1. Mandatory Interlock (for being over .15 BAC) 2. 7 months to 1 year license suspension. (for being over .1 BAC) 3. Higher financial penalty (for being over .1 BAC) During my case, the judge gave a sentence with no interlock requirement, 3 months license suspension, and lower financial penalties. This may or may not have been done on purpose, but one thing is for certain - it seems as though the mandated state minimums considering my BAC were not followed. Is this ruling final? Can I expect to be called back in a week if they realize this was a mistake? Thank you.
In order for a lawyer to answer this question for you, the lawyer would need to know the facts of the case, thus you...
On the acohol influence report form under results bac% what are those list of number
What should be the the temp with breathalyzer machine please
You should have a lawyer if charged with a dwi. As you can see it's a very technical charge. An attorney would know...
If you require ignition interlock can you only drive a car with interlock installed while you are serving your permit period?
I am required to ignition interlock in my vehicle which I have installed. As I did not have a license for nearly 10 years I had to retake my written and road test to restore my license. I have passed the written test and now I have driving permit. Can I only drive a vehicle with interlock during my permit period? Do I need to use the interlock vehicle for my road test?
If you have been ordered to have an interlock device on your vehicle as a result from a DUI, you can only drive a car...
If my NJ DUI gets plead to Reckless Driving, will there be any trace of my DUI through employer background checks of MVC?
Will a NJ DUI that is plead to Reckless Driving reveal only the Reckless Driving conviction or will it also show DUI charge? on Criminal background checks, FBI background checks, Motor Vehicle Abstracts?
The chances of that happening between very slim to none. DWI cannot be downgraded. IT can be dismissed or you can be...
Where do NJ Dui Arrests get reported? Do they only show on Motor Vehicle Abstracts if CONVICTED?
Worried about potential employers knowing about DUI
No, the charge will show on your abstract.