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  • Sparta woman charged with shoplifting

    Monday Feb 6 | via New Jersey Herald 

    At 9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2, Sparta police responded to the report of an employee shoplifting several items and met with store management who identified the employee as Sheridan, police said. An investigation determined that a manager had observed Sheridan take several items totalling $25.76, place them in her bag and when checking out pay for several items, but not the ones in her bag, police said.


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  • Ogdensburg man charged with DWI

    Monday Feb 6 | via New Jersey Herald 

    Jonathan Wottle, 26, was charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving, driving a vehicle upon a closed section of roadway and failure to maintain a lane. At 1:01 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 4, Sparta police responded to a report of an individual with a hand laceration on Edison Road near the Edison Monument and learned that the injured individual was on a closed dirt portion of Ridge Road, police said.


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  • Oak Ridge man charged with pot possession

    Monday Feb 6 | via New Jersey Herald 

    Having a headlight out led to the arrest of an Oak Ridge man on charges including pot possession, police said. Kyle M. Neuschatz, 21, was charged with possession of under 50 grams of marijuana, maintenance of lamps and possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle.


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  • Susex County Prosecutor's Office

    Jan 18, 2017 | via The Advertiser News (South) 

    Mario Giorgi, 51, of Kintersville, Pa., pleaded guilty to burglary, a third-degree crime, theft, a third-degree crime, and criminal mischief, a fourth-degree crime. Sentencing is scheduled for March 23. In pleading guilty, the defendant admitted that on Feb. 17, 2013, he entered the Lafayette Mills Antique Center, stole various antique items, and caused damage to the property while doing so.


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Oak Ridge Law

How do I go about looking into suing the methadone clinic?
I've been detoxing myself for over a year and a half. From 100 mg I'm down to 25mg..they are threatening to Administratively Detox me if I Refuse to be Injected with the TB-Mantoux test. My research shows that you should be tested once every 4 year's. This is Not the first time that this clinic has Not upheld their end of the ...HELPING THE INDIVIDUAL
The elements of a tort are 1. Existence of a duty 2. Violation of the standard of care 3. The violation...
Labcorp assured me I was covered and then charged me the full amount of a blood test. Do I have to pay?
I went to labcorp to get a blood test and provided my insurance card. I told them I did not want services if I was not covered and the secretary assured me three times I was covered and I would not be charged. A few weeks later I received a letter from Labcorp thanking me for my payment of $2000 plus for the tests I had gotten done. When I called to ask what had happened, I was told I was not covered and had to pay. When I asked why the services were provided after I had insisted on not wanting them if I was not covered, they said they did take my insurance but not my specific plan. I understand this part, but they should have told me to find out about my specific plan and not give me false information. If they did not have the right information then they should have told me to find out on my own. Instead, they assured me three times of false information. It may be that she didn't think it was her job to find out or that she was just lazy. Either way, giving the wrong information to clients is wrong. They are better off saying they don't know about coverage and have the patient find out on their own than affecting clients in such a terrible way.
Have you tried disputing the denial with your insurance company? What was the reason for their denial?
I had a DUI two years ego, can a lawyer remove it from my DMV abstract
I have been applying for jobs but must of them require a DMV abstract. Besides that for two years my record is clean no thickets , no accidents , no points .
DWI's cannot be removed from your DMV abstract in NJ. Thus, the reason to always hire the best DWI lawyer you can find....
How can I get a copy of a cancelation of suspension notice if I lost the letter
The DMV basically sent me a letter stating since my payment was recieved the scheduled suspension will be cancelled. The. Next week I got pulled over saying I'm suspended. I called DMV went to two offices and no one can help me. How can I get a copy so I can take it to court with me. Do I need to go to a regional location
I really don't suggest that you try to do this case yourself. A suspended license case even for a first offense can...
Will the dwi show up in the new PA abstract????
I got dwi in new jersey and my license was suspended for 7 months first offense, now i have my license back and i will to move to Pennsylvania. My question is will the dwi show up in PA driving record if I change my driver license to PA STATE , for example will the dwi show up in the new PA abstract???? Thanks
If you get a DWI in any state it counts as a prior. And even with a new PA licence YOU are not allowed to drive in NJ...
How long is the Laurick application/appeal process in NJ?
Received a third DUI and want to avoid jail time. First two happened in 2007 and 2008 in Paterson, NJ. Have already surrendered driving privileges and awaiting if there will be the mandatory jail time associated with third offense.
Get a lawyer to look at this one AND YOUR priors. Otherwise it is under 10 years and you get at least the 3d offender...
I recently got a dui in Florida, my last dui was 24 years ago, officer charged 1st offence, can that change?
I have had 3 duis in NJ, last one was 24 years ago
That is up to Fla. law. In NJ it would be your second treated as a first because of the ten year step down. Florida...