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Will a public defender be able to help me on my second Dui?
This is my second Dui and I blew a .21
You need to hire an attorney now. Do not wait for court appointed council. Best of luck.
93 day misdeamnor? How is my life going to be affected by this? Will I have a record? Do I need an attorney for court?
I was stopped in Michigan for expired tags, no insurance and suspended license driving my mother's car I was arrested, fingerprinted and pictured. I was treated like a criminal - never happened before in 68 years of life. The cop saied something about a 93 day misdeamnor. What does that mean?
If it is a first offense there is a lot a skilled attorney can do to help. While it is an important matter, try not to...
I want to appeal the violation probation sentence that my son was given in Oak Park Michigan. Oh a DUI conviction
He has been in inpatient treatment twice. however the judge said tht it didnt appear to be doing any goo. He was not involved in any accident and has no ther record. I think it is cruel and unusal punishment to put someone in jail who is sick. His violation did not include driving while intoxicated, he has not been behind the wheels of a car. He was all set to go into a hopital again, but the just said no. There seems to be a disconnect between the legal system and medicine, which clearly states that alcoholism is an illness. I want to appeal gt him out on bond so he can get the help he needs. I need to find out how to appeal,
The idea that jail time for a probation violation is "cruel and unusual punishment" is utter nonsense. If your sone...
If a po fails to wait 15 minutes prior to the admin of a breath test, how does that change a case?
I was arrested for a DUI charge in MI with a 0.11 BAC (limit being 0.08 BAC). The police officer wrote on the "breath, blood, urine test report" that the incident time was 2:27 AM and the arrest time was 2:14 AM (I believe he meant to reverse the two so that the incident time was 2:14 AM and the arrest time was 2:27 AM). On the citation, the police also wrote 2:14 AM. Since MI DUI law requires an officer to visually observe a drunk driving suspect for 15 minutes prior to the administration of a breath test...isn't that potentially grounds for something?
You will need to speak with an attorney in your state who handles DUI charges in order to determine how feasible of a...
Early dismissal 52nd-3rd court Judge Julie Nicholson?
My name is Griffin, nearly two years ago I received my first dui arrest in Troy MI, shortly after I received a second dui in Rochester MI before I was sentenced for my first dui. They were both involving marijuana opposed to alcohol. I was sentenced to 5 days of jail and a year and a half of probation including drug court for troy, and for Rochester I was sentenced to 15 days of jail and 24 months of non reporting probation concurrent with troy probation. This was in December of 2016. Since then I have had no violations, completed drug court program, and will be released from probation in the next month for troy probation. My question is what is the likely hood of being released from Rochester probation early as well with a letter of recommendation from my troy probation officer, my Rochester probation officer and my record of no vioations, as well as completion of drug court and early dismissal from troy probation.
You have received the benefit of the doubt from Troy because they are somewhat practical in cases where probationers...
How can I solve this warrent problem??
I forgot to pay my ticket but before 3 months when I webt to police station and scan my license it was clear nothnig was there but now they say like i have a warrent and they say like go talk to court so what is it ?Do i get caught in jail?
If you have a warrant, the only option you have is to turn yourself in to the police or the court; however, there is no...
How do I know if I got a DUI? My ticket only shows two traffic civil infractions.. Also I blew .17 and car was impounded..
I went out with friends after a crappy break up! We ended up in Rochester to see the lights and stopped at a bar called penny black.. I was the driver with two passengers.. we had beers and shots throughout the evening.. I was pulled over down town Rochester for stopping just over the crosswalk and the light turned green as I was looking at my GPS (not familiar with the area) to check my speed and where I was going to turn.. I then accelerated and apparently it says I was going 35+ in a 25.. Once pulled over, asked if I had been drinking.. so I was honest and got out of the car willingly and did three sobriety tests which I’m asuming I failed since I was arrested. They took me back to the station where I blew again and it was still a .17.. it was about 1am and I was released at 8am with a .05. My car was impounded and they also took my picture and fingerprints. My license was destroyed as well. I just received my court date with judge Asadoorian.. I’m very scared and confused and I don’t know exactly what to do or expect. My driving record is clean. But I have been arrested twice before and both were expunged after fines and community service. Neither were DUI related.
Sorry to hear about your current situation. Given the facts presented and that your car was impounded, the high BAC and...