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What is the likely sentence for 1st dui. Felony. Senior citizen. Poor health
What would be the likely sentence for a 1st time dui. Senior citizen in poor health. Charged with Felony with injury. Low BAC House arrest? Prison? Does the ventura court factor the spouse of the defendant will lose social security benefits of defendant if defendant is incarcerated and not be able to financially survive or be able to pay basic utilities or food with defendants social security income stopped while in custody?.
This is not a social security question. I will re-post for you.
I never took my dui classes. It has been over 10yrs. Can I get my license or must I take the classes?
I received a dui over 10 years ago. I paid for it but never finished the classes. It is now off my record, do I have to take the classes still to get my license back? Or can I just go get one since my record is clean now.
Yes, you do. Otherwise, our law would be rewarding people who disregard their promises for long enough. Your DUI...
Will I be elgible for early probation termination after 1 year & completing all req?
I was conv. for 1st dui, ordered 3 mon. DUI classes and 2 year prob. on 2/2017. I proactively started dui classes and will be done 3/2017 and will pay all fines, will I be elgible to terminate prob. in one year,(1/2) time? My lic. was susp. 1 year for refusal, will I need 9 month dui class to get lic. back even when court order 3 month DUI class (BAC .17)?
Technically eligible but rarely if ever granted. Judges prefer not to terminate early on DUIs.
License suspension was put aside after hearing, how can i get my license back?
Was arrested for dui, hearing officer determined it was an unlawful arrest, as to I wasn't the driver, and the cops never actually pulled anyone over, they just seen me standing by the car. I still have my court date next month, but since the suspension was set aside by dmv, am I able to get my license back?
2 options: go to the DSO and have the hearing officer give the license back to you, or go to the dmv field office and...
How long after conviction in California of second DUI do you need to install IID device?
I live in Ventura, CA and I havn't been driving since my conviction two years ago. I went to the DMV to get my license today and the IID still shows up on the lady's screen. What should I do about this?
If your conviction was in Ventura then it depends upon how long the Judge ordered it to be installed. If it was in LA...
What can I do for an inadvertent dui
Driving home from work, I took a drink of my soda I'd brought from home, only to realize it was the one I used to make a run and coke. I pulled over to the shoulder. A few minutes later a CHP officer stopped to make sure I was alright. DUI. Is there any defense against that?
A "drink" of a rum and coke, no matter how strong won't make you .08 or above, you shouldn't have anything to worry...
Can you still earn credits to reduce your sentence if you are only serving 30 days?
DUI sentenced 30 days in jail
The answer to your question: Where are you supposed to do your jail time, i,e. Ventura? Los Angeles? etc? For...