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My DUI case was dismissed and the officer called me and left a message that he is refilling the case? Can they just call you.
The case will be a year old in January and the officer repeatedly didn't show up to court.
If the case was dismissed without prejudice, the State can refile within the Statute of Limitations which is generally...
Will an out of state warrant from Pennsylvania affect me in north carolina? Can i get a drivers license in nc with a warrant?
I have a Violation of Probation warrant in lehigh county pennsylvania and was wondering if it will effect me gettin a drivers license here in brunswick county north carolina. My license isnt revoked or suspended in Pennsylvania i just want to know if NCDOT does background checks if they can refuse to give me a license or maybe even arrest me and extradite me back to pennsylvania. The warrant is a misdemeanor and i havevno idea if it is in ncic or not
Hi again. NCDMV does not do background checks BUT if you are currently licensed in PA and decide to now get a NC...
What happens if I do not complete ADETS in time?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DWI last February. I plead guilty and was sentenced to unsupervised prohibition, 24 hours of community service and 15 hours of ADETS. I completed my community service on time, however I have not completed ADETS. I received a notice that my license indefinitely extended on 1/19/17. I've paid for an assessment, but my ADETS won't be completed until mid March(past the time specified to complete it) What are the consequences to this? Will my license just be suspended until they receive a 508 form? Or will there be some fines or additional suspension?
Your license will remain suspended until NCDMV has received notice that you completed ADETS. You will then have to pay...
I have a DUI charge from 20+ years ago in Md. I live in NC. Can I have a lawyer represent me in court without being present ?
Typically yes but the attorney would certainly have to let you know. Here in NC you can enter a plea by waiver which...
Is it possible to get a "DUI" off of my record?
When I was 18, I was pulled over for speeding (10 over). The police officer suspected me of drinking due to the smell of my passengers. I had previously consumed a few drinks but was confident I was ok. I agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a .05. I was given a citation, not detained, and allowed to drive home. Under the advice of my paid attorney, I plead guilty (hindsight tells me this was a mistake) and I received limited driving privileges and basic alcohol education classes. This was settled a while after the initial citation and after I had turned 19. On my record, I have a DUI. This has been extremely inconvenient recently. I am now 22, attend a university, and seeking engineering internships. Due to the nature of my desired career, a DUI on my record can be troublesome. Additionally, I was recently denied a purchase permit (NC) due to this being on my record. Is there any course of action that can be taken to rid the DUI on my record? This was the first offence, did not have a previous record, and have not been found guilty of a crime since. Is it worth obtaining paid legal representaion? Or am I doomed to live with a mistake I made while I was a teen? Thankyou
There is a difference between a conviction for DWI (or DUI) and Driving After Consuming Under Age 21 in North Carolina....
Can I ask for house arrest instead of doing 45 days in jail?
I've been violated on my probation for drug screens, money, and community service. So I know my suspended sentence is 45 days in jail. Can I ask for house arrest instead of time in jail? I'm in a substance abuse class for the marijuana and I just got a job at McDonald's. Please someone help me.
No. The Court can order you to serve a 45 day sentence as you have violated the terms and conditions of your probation....
What are my rights if I was involuntarily confined to a psychiatry facility after being arrested for DUI of an antidepressant?
My niece, a former police officer, and sister involuntarily committed me to a psychiatric institute while I was at the hospital for drug tests which showed only marijuana. I had a traffic court date the next morning (in which I have proof my brakes were corroded) and an appointment already to see my psychiatrist the week later to change medications for depression. I kept asking everyone why but got no answer. Never had I hurt anyone or myself and had no choice but to go. I was traumatized and continue to have nightmares, thinking I will never recover from this.
More information is needed - namely how long you were confined, the official reason for the confinement, and why your...