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I served my three years probation, community service and paid all of my monetary dues without a hiccup, and haven't had any run-ins with the law since.
DUI with serious bodily injury is a third degree felony in Florida. As such, if you were convicted of this charge then...
first time law offender, i am 25, I blew .079 and .08
Do you have a question? Are you asking if you will get a "breakdown"? Because if so there is a lot of information...
I was arrested for DUI and I blew a .079, and .08. I have retained a DUI lawyer. I have never been in trouble with the law and I am 25. The video of me during the field sobriety was not terrible, but I was not perfect obviously. They did not test me for drugs when I was booked. And when I went to the review office for my license, they told me because I blew a .079 I would not lose my license. Is that fact correct? Thank you so much
You already asked this question and myself and several pother lawyers have already commented. In addition to...
My son did something stupid in college, 7 years latter it's still coming back to bite him. He paid his dues, and is trying to move on, but these sites are making it impossible. His records were expunged by the state back in 2007, so how can this information now be public? I thought expungement would have prevented that from occurring. A quick search of his name on Google has a special link to his name through these sites. What I"d like to know is why is this photo online, or his information appearing after being expunged? While I understand it never really goes away, it shouldn't be that readily accessible as a result of his expungement. I've read many articles about these site, but before thousands are spent I'd like to know has his privacy been violated as a result of this photo?
Some of these sites want you to pay them to remove the pictures. There has been recent litigation on the issue of this...
I have not been convicted as of now due to a continuance.. They did the continuance so the prosecution could find a device for someone like me that drive multiple vehicles during work to include a company sales car, box truck for deliveries and a van for repairs. Thirteen years ago I had 2 wreck less within 23 years (never work related) just from being out with friends and making a stupid decision to drive as this current situation. I cant pay the state if I don't work. Thank you in advance for any answers!
Do you have a lawyer? You haven't already plead have you? Are you charged above .15 blood alcohol content? Is that why...
Should we fight the suspension or waive so he can drive? What steps do we need to take next? How do we apply for his hardship license? I have no idea what to do now.
Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to help guide you through the process. He has 10 days to get a hardship DL.
Above case in Port Orange, Florida: no BAC. Adjudicated/Pleaded no contest to reckless. No arrests/tickets prior/since. Understand that expungement in Florida is not possible. Is ANY type of sealing EVER possible in Florida, even for employment or for traveling to Canada? Thank you for any assistance.
Sealing is available in a case where you received a withhold of adjudication, and expunction is available in a case...