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Can the washington DOL revoke a California drivers license?
I have been charged with but not convicted of a DUI in the state of washington but i have a California drivers license and am only in WA while i go to school. I have an attorney and am currently trying to contest it. But the WA DOL says they will revoke my drivers license anyway can they in fact do that?
It is not your license that is suspended but your "privilege to drive: in the state. Mostly the distinction is...
Can the Washington DOL revoke a California drivers license? Because of a DUI charge?
The Washington DOL only has jurisdiction over a person's license, privilege or permit to drive in WASHINGTON. A...
I was stopped and charged for driving with a suspended license for an unpaid ticket what can i do?
A cop pulled me over stating that i was driving with my headlights off, which i dont believe this to be true. Anyway they ran my license and informed me that it had been suspended because i hadnt paid a ticket 2 yrs ago. I am currently under unsupervised probation for a DUI and i believed to have paid all my court fees and did not know of any outstanding tickets. Just one month ago I paid a fine and they told me that my license was valid. I am wondering what are some things I can do to help in this case. I don't believe they had probable cause to stop me my neighbor even says she saw my headlights on when i pulled up.
Your question raises a number of issues. First, whether there was a basis for you being pulled over. If there was not,...
Does driving without interlock device automatically revoke my WA dui defered prosecution?
I have complied with all other requirements such as AA, treatment, probation fees. And I only had 3 more months left until I no longer needed that interlock device.
The short answer is yes, you should read the conditions of your deferement. The reinstatment of your charges will be...
Does the warrant for blood draw have to have the date and time of issuance on it to be valid? Cause my copy is blank.
Had a car accident.
There are a bunch of factors that goes into the analysis of a warrant for blood. You need to sit down with an attorney...
I am on formal probation and have been compliant. How can I transfer probation to another state? Thanks!
1 DUI where I am on probation and I am deferring a DUI I got before I was on probation in a different county. I have no felonies.
Your probation will remain in the county where your DUI is. You can do the treatment where you move to be the...
Do i need a lawyer on my first court date on a dui
2cd dui in 2 years part health problems
Absolutely, You should get an attorney now. You also need to ask for DOL hearing in a timely manner.