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Could I get Hawaii DUI dismissed through Oregon's diversion prog., or is there any other way to avoid the 3 yr SR22 requirement?
I was convicted of DUI in Hawaii, and have since been released from suspension there, however I am back in Oregon and they are requiring an SR22 to reinstate my Oregon license. I see that OR has a diversion program, and by reading the forms, it looks like I am not disqualified to file a motion to dismiss the charge. I just don't know how to go about trying, and if it will work or not. One clerk told me I won't even know that until I spend the hundreds of dollars and a year for the diversion program here. (Even though I did some of the assessments to reduce the fines in Hawaii, I did not do the year with alcohol-free tests). If Hawaii had a similar program, I was not informed, and when I arrived back in Oregon a year later expecting to get my license reinstated I discovered the SR22 and diversion program.
This is really a DUI question, so I am answering it to move it there so a DUI attorney can assist.
What happens if a blow test fails on an IID?
My neighbor has had two duii's and now has an IID installed in his car. He blew a .177 the morning after drinking. What happens with that information? Does it go to DMV? Also, his sister lost her license due to DUII as well, and I've seen her illegally driving his car. Does the camera monitoring system pick up on this kind of information, or will it just read the clean breathalyzer result and not care who blew? just kind of concerned and hoping there is some kind of follow-up before someone gets hurt. obviously this guy would have driven at .177 if he didn't have the IID.
The information on the breath test failure will be discovered at the company that installed the interlock. Then they...
Is it legal to share an Ignition Interlock Device with two drivers driving the same car in the event that both have DUI's?
My wife and I share the same car, we both got a DUI at the same time as the officers were running a sting in the state of OR. Now, we face the fact that the Ignition Interlock device company will not add both of our Driving lics to the same agreement. Is this legal?
I don't see why that wouldn't be an issue so long as you don't drive a vehicle without an IID>
Does the Oregon's Diversion program allows Parole officers or case managers to show announced to my house for inspections?
I like to drink wine with my meals, but I am worried that my legal rights will affect my wife's Diversion program, if for instance: the Parole officer decides to come into our house for a search and finds that we have a wine collection and other spirits in the house / or that we, still buy wine / spirits since we belong to wine clubs.
DUII Diversion does not require that one's spouse abstain from drinking. Rather, the statute requires: "an agreement by...
So what should I do? Any advice? Can I beat this case?
So I got pulled over heading to the casino and did the field test and blew a .06. The cop let me go but is charging me with duii. On the paper work for the dmv it says I passed. I'm lost and don't know what to do I seriously had to go to the bathroom too and I was speeding just to try and make it and not to mention is was rainy and cold but I did good on the tests besides the cop saying my eyes weren't following the pen tip
If you've been charged with a dui then you need to hire an attorney. You definitely have defenses.
What to expect? My first DUI is just over ten years ago.. Will it count as a third?
DUI in CA in 06/2005, second DUI in NV in 15/2011, just got a third here in OR where I'm now residing...
You're looking at a Lifetime License Revocation. You may also have exposure for felony DUII for your third DUII in 10...
Can my Diversion become revoked if my UA comes back dirty due to a prescribed medication?
I am on DUI Diversion, I also have a couple prescription medications that I take, one of them is for ADD the other one is for Anxiety. I had my UA come back with positive marks for cannabis, which I have never taken, I explained that the day before I had taken TAFIL for Anxiety, and the service provider dismissed it as an excuse even when I offered the prescription and the medication for him to verify? What is the normal course of action to check for false positives and does a Diversion provider has any responsibility to ensure that a person doesn't suffer further inconveniences for false positives?
A postive UA for cannabis could certainly give cause for the court to revoke a diversion (or for the treatment provider...