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Is it wrong for the judge to order an ignition interlock device when bac is <.15
This is a 1st owi with child under 16 b.a.c. was .14. Milwaukee county
I think you should be glad you're not in jail! Judges have wide latitude to order things like IIDs.
24 year cdl driver. Just got popped for first dui. Must fight it. Want the absolute best. Please no sell jobs. Whose the best?
I absolutly cant go down on this thing. Who really is the best of the best. Thanks.
Impossible to answer that question on a site like this, but you're starting in the right place. Call around and set up...
Why was my boyfriend not arrested hit and run when I have no interlock system on my car?
A while back my live in boyfriend drank some rum and look my car while I was sleeping. How received an OWI and was required to have the interlock system on his vehicle. He woke me up the next morning and told me crashed my car hitting a parked vehicle and left it. He wanted me to report it stolen. An officer came to my house not long after. He admitted to driving my car with out permission. The officer took his name and gave him a ticket for hit and run. He not even force to appear in court. Why was he not ticketed or arrested that day?
You'd have to ask the officer, or try obtaining a copy of an police report related to the hit & run charge.
My friend is not guilty of driving under influence, do I need a lawyer?
I drove a friend who was too drunk to drive; I tried to turn around and got the vehicle stuck in a ditch. My "friend" was yelling profanities and acting like a jerk, so I ran away, back to my car. I left the vehicle running, door open. I came back with my cell phone to get help, but they were gone! The next day I found out my friend is in jail, DUI. I thought they must have got the vehicle out and drove. Later found out they were picked up right where I left, soon after- there was no movement of the vehicle. There were other reasons also that I did not say anything sooner. Found guilty, now appealing.... I am feeling extremely guilty and ashamed, don't know what to do! I've tried to contact appeal attorney to confess, no response. Please help!
There was no movement in the vehicle but someone obviously drove there and the cops assumed it was your friend. Did...
So what do I do know? I bogus traffic ticket and an OWI.
The facts: I'm 30 yrs old, I have no criminal record. I have 1 speeding ticket. I've lived in this city for 10 yrs and have never been pulled over for anything. | I drove a drunk friend home safely. On my way to my home i got pulled over. Asked why i run a red light. I said i didnt. He asked did i have something 2 drink. I said yes 1 MIKES HARD LEMONADE (5% alcohol: 3hrs prior to driving). i was soo terrified (the media lately) that I was shaking. He accused me of doing crack. I said I've never. Took a sobriety test. he said i blew 1.5. Took blood test. Results came back negative for drug panels & ethenol. Went 2court. showd results. Plead not guilty. Pretrial conf.: she said "we cant just let this OWI go (why not?!). Rescheduled me 2 months from that day. I dnt have $, $$$ for a lawyer
I don't want to be that guy - but you really do need an attorney on this one. Try reaching out to family or others to...
How likely is it that charges will be dropped for having my sisters ID?/ how likely is it I could get my license no suspended?
I recently got an absolute sobriety citation. I blew a .05 but I'm 18 and under the legal drinking age (in Wisconsin). While the police were looking through my car/my bag they found my older sisters ID so I ended up with a $700 fine for that as well. I wasn't caught using her ID and the only proof they had that I might have used it were some receipts from bars. I told them I had borrowed her purse and she had forgotten to take her wallet out of it. I'm wondering how likely it is that I can get the citation for having her ID in my possessions dropped and I'm also wondering how likely it is that I will be able to go without a suspended license or how long my license will be suspended. Thank you so much for your feedback!
Hire an experienced lawyer in your area. He or she will be able to work with and through the system to get the best...
I was outside my car and inside a store when someone in the store called police and I was charged with a owi is this legal
I was getting direction for a friend to pick me up when the police was called I did not admit that I was driving. I refuse to answer any question and the field test.
If no one witnessed you driving, you should have a defense to the action. You are going to need to hire an attorney as...