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Dmv suspended my license because of a .01 on my blowing device and my restriction is .04 .my lawyer schedualed the hearing to
keep them in between time i was going to court but they did not notify him about the date of it so i had to go alone . they therfore suspended my license on a alcohol violation from my records . but i thought that the purpose of the device was to keep you from driving intoxicated and it served its purpose so could they get away with that?
You should strongly consider speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. You may be able to appeal.
Can I obtain a driving while license revoked charge from blowing a .04 bac after having ran a red light ?
I have restriction 20 on my license and have ignition interlock in my car.
It depends on your exact license status. If you have gotten a regular license back and you are subject to a .04...
Can I lose my license from violating a restricted license barely with a .04 or can this be legally beating .
Cops illegaly searched my vehicle
Yes, if you violate a license restriction they can revoke your privileges. Consult an attorney.
I am on unsupervised probation i paid my fines i think my case is closed got a drinkin citation what the chance of gettin flaged
Two misdameners
If you are on unsupervised probation then there really is not anyone actively checking to see that you stay out of...
Can I get charged with DUI after the fact
I was driving with my headlights off, got pulled over, cop ask for my license/registration, came back and asked where I was heading and then told me to have a good night. Can I be charged with dui after the fact if the cop didn't perform and tests and reveal that he thought I was drunk. Just trying to figure out if he gave me a break or wasn't suspicious at all. Needless to say I have learned my lesson and will never be putting myself in this kind of situation again.
Without any hard evidence (such as field sobriety tests, a breathalyzer, or drawn blood) it would be difficult but not...
DUI in NC, what do I do when I move to NM?
I received a DUI in NC and currently have a limited driving permit recognized by Guilford County. I would get my regular licence back in September, but I will not be here to get it. When I move to New Mexico in May, will they recognize my permit? Will I be able to drive and get my nm licence in September? Will they implement different rescrictions for me? I asked my DUI lawyer here and he did not have any answers
I am licensed only in NC and cannot give you any information pertaining to any other state. However, In regards to...
How long can you continue a DUI court case in North Carolina? Is there a chance of the case being dismissed?
- DUI was reported in Pitt County, NC - Occurred almost 5 years ago in 2010 - Assessment/community hours completed 3 years ago - 19 years old - Breath test was taken - Lawyer requested each continuance - No failure to appears
Ahh- the details I asked about earlier. Thank you for filling in the gaps. Your lawyer must have had a reason to...