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DUI for job applications
Went to my DUI stats call and judge "terminated satisfied" my supervision since all requirements were done. Supervision was suppose to go to December 2015. For future job applications and interviews, I know most companies ask about convictions. Since I completed the supervision there is no conviction, but the arrest will show up forever since this can't be sealed or expunged. Should I disclose this information anyway since the background check will show arrest and court records show I pleaded guilty? If I do disclose, would the employer be able to view the full record? Even though I don't want to come across as liar, I just thought about saying I decided to plea guilty in order for my summary suspension to be rescinded - which happened. I pleaded guilty cause I was over the limit
If you were convicted of a DUI and successfully completed probation, you are still convicted. Disclosure depends on the...
DUI Status Call
On DUI supervision for one year (until December 2015). I have a status call next month. I have completed the treatment classes, paid fines, attended victim impact panel, and paperwork for installed BAID device for 6 months in vehicle (summary suspension was rescinded but court ordered me to install device for 6 months). I was assigned 100 hours of community service (must be completed by December 1, 2015) and have completed 80 hours. I plan on completing the remaining 20 hours before my status call. If I were to show up to the status call with everything done, will the supervision still go for the full year?
Most likely. Generally if you want to change a term of probation you'd have to formally ask the court.
Not cited for DUI at the time
If I was not cited at the time police arrived, but gave a urine and blood specimen what are the odds of a later charge?
If your blood alcohol was below the legal limit you won't be charged. Contact a local experienced defense attorney....
Insurance Rates with DUI
Currently under DUI Supervision as a first time offender. Prosecutor/Judge agreed to rescind Summary Suspension as part of guilty please for supervision (still had to put BIAD Device in vehicle per court). Auto Insurance rates have not gone up nor has current company contacted me. My fiance and I are looking to buy a home and have insurance together (home, auto). Would auto insurance or any insurance be able to tell that with Summary Suspension being rescinded? If so, should I wait until completion of Supervision when charges are dropped?
To some extent the answer turns on when your Petition to Rescind was granted. If it was before you started to serve it,...
Should i be reporting a drivers license suspension from 2009 on an employment application? How far back does mvr check go?
Fake id charge was in Iowa. Suspension of illinois drivers license occurred in 2009 for period of one year
What does the employment application say? How far back do you have to report infractions? Was it a charge or a conviction?
How do I file a motion to leave the state?
I got my second DUI dropped to reckless driving if I agreed to some obligations. I am not allowed to leave the state (Illinois) until March 2013. I want to Iowa for two days but don't know how to file a motion. I have called my lawyer and left voicemail but no one has gotten back to me.
Send your lawyer a short letter, and make your request.
Will I be drug tested final court date?
I'm supposed to be discharged from probation soon for DUI, stupidly I used recently an not sure if I'll be clean by then. I've dropped dirty multiple times and my P.O. said as long as I give him a few clean drops an pay my fines I'll be off probation. I've also never been in trouble before this. I've Gave Him Clean Drops and did an out patient thing completed the program, last time I went in I gave him my final urinalysis thing saying I was clean, from the program I had 3 days before, wrote a long thank you not for giving me so many chances. He also didn't drop me as we were leaving I asked don't in need to do a drop he said no your fine an I'll see you on your court date. He also said I don't need to report to the probation department first just go up there with the money and they'll have me out of there quickly. I'm not so worried about my P.O. because he probably would've violated me a long time ago if he cared that much, just my judge hes kinda a hardass, can my judge make me drop? Do you think it's likely I will be dropped? Also if I drop dirty what could happen?
The short answer is yes! A judge can ask you to provide your analysis prior to discharging your probation. However, it...