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My driver's liscence was suspended in 2003 for DUI for 2 yrs. I did not attempt to reinstate it. This was prior to Melanie's Law
My mother is 88 and not well. She is no longer able to drive. She has MD visits she needs to go to. Is there any way for me to get my liscence reinstated at this time? I am under treatment for cancer myself & would only need to drive during daylight hours. I have no $ to install a breathelizer in my Mom's car.I have not had alcohol in almost 10 years. Please advise.
you should have been able to reinstate your license by now unless your are suspended in another state.
DUI question in Massachusetts
If one was accused of A DUI and later dismissed by a judge then two years later the same person once again receives a DUI does the judge or court take in account the dismissed DUI when addressing the current DUI ?
Assuming that you mean that the previous DUI was straight out dismissed, and not dismissed after you completed...
If I move to another state will the dui show on my driving record and insurance, therefore preventing me from driving for work?
So I was found guilty of oui in massachusetts. The issue is my career requires me to drive a company vehicle. No one in Mass. will hire me with this on my record until it clears after 3 years. My question is I hear Mass. does not share this info with other states? So if I move to another state will the dui show on my driving record and insurance, therefore preventing me from driving a company vehicle in another state?
I think you are misinformed. You state is one of a few that does not participate in the Drivers License Compact (DLC)...
Can a mayor get a dui
I offered my mayor a ride home just asking
Virtually anyone, in the right circumstances, can be charged with a crime.
Does a dui show up on a quary and if so how long does it stay on there?
Does a dui show up on a quarry?
Like all criminal offenses, OUI's show up on CORI records once a person is arraigned in court.
Should I be concerned about getting a DUI and how long do they have to file etc? How do I read the codes on the report?
I was in a car accident 5 days ago where i was injured pretty significantly. I was less than a quarter mile from my home when it happened. I hit a bump/frost heave that made my car jump. The car swerved and i was having a hard time regaining control when I hit some ice. The car then crashed into a ditch and into a tree. Airbag was deployed and I ended up with a concussion, lacerations and a couple of significant broken bones. I definitely lost consciousness for a bit and was quite confused when I came to. The EMT had asked if I had been drinking and I told him two glasses over the past four hours with dinner. I was in and out and after all my care, in the morning the ER trauma team came in explaining that my BAC level came in at .13. The dr explained how this could happen and said i could be a "cheap date" and told me it was her job to ask if i needed help etc. She added that it was strictly confidential and that unless the information was subpoenaed, it was confidential etc. I picked up the police report and even talked to the officer and he never mentioned alcohol etc. Now I'm looking at the reports and there are codes next to the BAC test and susp alc susp drug etc.
You probably don't need to worry about those codes. Usually just to the right of the BAC there will be a number. If it'...
I have been devastated by Melanie's Law. Is there anything I can do to get help with my OUI charges?
I am a mailman, who needs my license to perform my job duties. I was arrested on 8/17/15 for OUI, and went to trial on 11/17/15 and was found guilty of a 2nd, first offense OUI. My actual first offense was 15 (Sep. 2000) years earlier but, thanks to Melanie's Law, my family and I are severely punished. I haven't been able to receive unemployment since I was on leave from the post office so that I wouldn't lose seniority in case my OUI was thrown out or I was able to get a hardship. That's 3 and a half months without driving, without employment. My livelihood is at stake. I've a wife, 7 year-old boy and 16 month old girl. I've taken my driver retraining, signed up for my DD classes. Now, I'm told, due to a clerical error, stating 9024Di instead of 9024D, I cannot get aa hardship license for at least one year. Even if the hearing officer called and asked the error to be changed, I'd still be denied a hardship because they can't place an interlock device on my work vehicle. Which means, I can't go back to work. My family and I are really suffering with this. I need help. I cannot go without a license. I need my job to pay the fees and fines and livelihood. Is there anything I can do?
The 24DI vs 24D issue can be resolved---that amounts to a clerical error in the Clerk's Office at the court. It...