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Can I get a driver's license in Australia if I am on probation for a DUI in the US. First Offense.
This is my first and only offense. I have completed the required classes and am in the process of finishing up paying the fines. I am currently employed as a Glazer (glass contractor), but would like to work in Australia for two years to complete my apprenticeship, get more life experience. I am 20 yrs. old.
There is absolutely no way for a US attorney to be able to instruct you on if you can get a license in Australia....
Can you be charged with a crime if you lie to police while intoxicated,then later tell the truth.
I was recently charged with a domestic assault because my wife lied to the police about what happened, she now wants to testify on my behalf can she get in trouble.
Yes. She needs to consult with her own attorney in private before talking to the police. So do you. You can't be...
After the nine weeks and everything mentioned below are done, will I be able to move to another county in Oregon for work?
This is my first DUI EVER, never even had a ticket, and I am 56. Counselor told me that I will be going to class for only the 9 weeks under the diversion program, even though I will still need to put insurance back on my car, get D.L. reinstated, and breathing devise in car for a year, and not to get in any trouble as the diversion does last a year from your court date. Also was told that I have not been convicted. Also one of the lawyers was correct. the [olice did not pull me over for anything else, nor did they ask or say reckless driving. Simply asked me to step out of the car, and then asked have you been drinking. I was not swirving, it was late at night and I went to jack in the box, had the food with me. A neighbor had turned me in after she had seen me go to the store earlier.
You can move to any county in Oregon at any time during diversion. You simply need to keep court notified of your...
How long does the diversion program last? I know there are 9 class's to go to at first. Nothing was mentioned about other class.
Ist DUI, do not drink all the time and not a binge drinker. Agreed for the Diversion program. I know that I will automatically be on it for a year. Was told after being assest by the councelor, that I would most likely finish early? Great, whats that suppose to mean as, I am being told by other people in the group sessions that,"Oh no, you have to still go to other groups." Counselor only wants to see me for 1/2 hr. instead of an hr. every other week, which was established on our first meeting. I have no job, no income, and they have broke me with all the fines. Can not drive until I put the breath machine on vehicle. I have 2 interviews to go to that pay well, in which I can get a ride, and I need to work now!! Was told you can not even show up a few minutes late to 5pm group meeting.
Many of my clients contact me because they are frustrated with their treatment providers, and they want to know if...
Will this DUII hurt my chances of getting a job as teacher assistant or Human Services specialist at the state of Oregon?
No prior tickets ever, age 56, First time DUII in state of Oregon, currently on Diversion program. This was an isolated incident, and I knew better than to drive. Was asked to step out of vehicle and if I had been drinking. Was not stopped for any other reason. I have paid all court fines. Had my evaluation, and assessment. Both people who performed these are wondering why I was not stopped for something first, then asked if I had been drinking. I did wrong, do not mind the diversion as I do not normally drink. But the locking device and it's costs along with the lenght of time are making it difficult to do daily functions, groceries, looking for job, doctor appt., and etc. I even canceled my car insurance due to lack of funds, they had not received any information on the DUII.
You can imagine that any criminal charge or conviction is not going to help your cause toward any employment. Make...
Can an officer give out an Minor in Consumption for refusing a breathalyzer
we were in our drive way an a cop stops by (didnt pull us over) rolls his window down an ask the driver if he had a license and he says in the house. so we go inside i go to the back to smoke a cigg and my friend comes too(driver of the car). next thing i no theres a cop with a flash light in the back of the house. he finds me and my friend by the shed in the backyard.. he takes us to the front and go to the porch. The officer ask the driver for his license and he is suspended. then the cop looks at me and randomly ask how many beers ive had. i reply " i havent been drinkin". so he asks again and i reply the same and then he say" so u would take a breathalyzer test" i reply" im not taking one" and he gives me a MIC citation when i had no alchol in my system
You have raised all sorts of issues that if the facts are as you say, are violations of various constitutional rights....
What is the statute of limitations in Oregon for a DUI misdemeanor? ( If it is not prosecuted to completion)
What little info online I could find--it mentioned 2 yrs if the misdemeanor is not a sex crime or violence is not involved. Is 2 yrs correct? And is the case then dismissed, and deleted from the record?
2 years. But the case is not dismissed. A case first has to "filed" in order for it to be "dismissed". You case was not...