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If i get a dui in New York and im from ontario and a dual citizen what happens to my ON license
Hello. I was visiting NY from Canada and he was pulled over. They gave me a ticket for refusing to take breathlyzer and I was arrested. I got a ticket for refusing the breathlyzer even though I attempted two times but failed the test due to not being able blow hard enough due to lung cancer. I only had one glass of wine the night i was arrested. Given that I am a canadian citizen as well as american citizen how does it affect me here in regards to my drivers license. Also if I go to court and pleads not guilty what is the most severe punishment I could receive as this is my first offence. On a different note is it legal for me to record police if they pull me over and ask me to get out of the car so I could have video evidence?
This is complex and you should absolutely consult an attorney immediately. The police made a mistake in claiming you...
How do i can get my Tlc license after having a Dwi for the first time?
Recently i got arrested for dwi in nassua county and want to keep my dmv and tlc. This my first time i got arrested.
After the case--and a few years--it may be possible to get a TLC license. During the case some are granted a...
DWAI (vs. DWI) disclosure statement for application?
Does this look reasonable? "... while I do not have any criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, for the avoidance of any doubt or uncertainty, I do have a traffic infraction on my New York State driving record after being pulled aside at a random police checkpoint. This ultimately resulted in a non-criminal traffic infraction in violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law 1192.1 - Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol, which is expressly not a crime in New York and typically issued when minimal alcohol consumption is observed but not intoxication. Please note that this traffic infraction differs decidedly from a violation of 1192.2 - Driving While Intoxicated offence in New York, which is a criminal misdemeanor and reflects a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of .08% BAC."
That is well written and quite detailed, but what is the question?
Question Re: Interlock Devices Across State Lines
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. In 2011 I was convicted of a DUI while attending college in NJ. I never bothered to get my license back but I have completed all requirements with the exception of installing an IID on a vehicle. I'm now interested in getting my license restored, and intend getting the IID installed in a relative's vehicle in NJ, since I don't own a car. Here's where things get tricky: The reason I want to restore my license is because I have an offer for employment in NYC that would rarely require the operation of box trucks. My question is: would NJ's requirement of an interlock being installed in every vehicle I operate apply in NY? If so, and I applied for a NY license upon moving, would NYS place that restriction on my NYS license? Is there a work waiver?
Where was your conviction - in NY or NJ? I am not licensed to practice in New Jersey, so out of respect for any...
Refusal of Breathalyzer and alleged DWI/DWAI this while I didn't have a TLC drivers license and I was not operating a TLC vehicl
now my tlc license is suspended and they gave me a opportunity to have hearing know I don't know what should I do. I wanted to get it back in effect to start working again.
I suggest that you hire a lawyer who regularly handles TLC hearings.
If you are given a field sobriety test without a breathilizer and are told you passed and then find out cop lied is it admissib
Was not given a breathilizer and was told you passed the fiekd test and at your first court date saw that the policeman was not telling you the truth. If you refuse to go to police location for additional testing, do you have any recourse?
Yes the results of your field sobriety tests are admissible. Prior to the Breathalyzer and Alcotest Machines being...
My father was arrested in Queens, NY for drunk driving. It is his first offense. Should I hire a lawyer?
His BAC level was .18, according to the police who told my mother, who told me. About 3 hours later at the station, they said it came down to .13. He was "speeding without his lights on" which must've been their signal to flag him down. They say at the station, he was so drunk that he was incoherent. But as I wasn't there, I have no idea if that is the case. As mentioned, it is his first offense and he has a pretty good record so far. It's also worth mentioning that both my parents are not fluent in English. I think we should just plea guilty so is there any benefit to hiring a lawyer? What will he/she be able to do? I know that in the worst case scenario, he will be sentenced to up to 1 year in jail but is that likely? What will happen next? He's still at the precinct.
No, he should not plead guilty and yes he should hire a lawyer. Pleading guilty would give him a criminal record. A...