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DWI or DWAI and applying for a greencard.
I am applying for a green card to be a us resident. I recently got convicted of a DWAI. No accident and no one was hurt. I have no other criminal record. Will this make me ineligible? I heard the law changed and it not just moral turpitude which is a problem.
It shouldn't but you should consult with an immigration attorney. Best of luck.
I'm being sued for a Dui accident and I feel the road of where it accord has part to blame. What is my best options here?
Dui I hired a lawyer and case was handle but it was my second dui but I haven't been drinking and my lawyer said he had filed a civil rep. To prevent the person to filing a civil lawsuit my insurance said I now need to hire one
Are you asking about the DWI case or the suit?
Blood and breath
This may sound like a very odd question, and obviously I'm keeping anonymous. Would an eating disorder such as bulimia have an effect on your blood alcohol concentration or your breathalyzer ? Does it produce more ketones within your body and would this ever hold up in court? If so, out of pure embarrassment I'm not even sure I would tell my lawyer.....anyone have any knowledge of this?
The type of defense you are suggesting would require an expert medical witness to testify about how the breathalyzer...
Contempt of court/unrelated matter
Someone I know believes they were wrongfully convicted of drunk driving and that they suffer from a medical condition that causes their blood to give off a false high alcohol reading. Their criminal conviction dates many years back and was never reversed. The person wants to file an unrelated lawsuit against a party and wants to include a statement in the lawsuit that they have had a clean criminal record except for the case where the judge wrongfully convicted them of drunk driving due to their medical condition. Can my friend get in trouble or be charged for contempt of court by stating in an unrelated case that another judge wrongfully convicted them or by asserting their innocence in an unrelated court case?
Your friend would not want to knowingly present false information to the court in the current matter (i.e. that he has...
What is a DUI?
Will a DUI conviction show on my British friend's U. K. Passport and prevent him from entering USA? He is 72, and he picked up a criminal conviction almost fifty years ago. With his wife he plans to embark on a long cruise embracing North America. I understand that if the cruise is a 'Loop Cruise, which means that his ship returns to the same port from where it began, then he does not have a problem entering the country. Please confirm or otherwise. Thank you.
I am moving this to the immigration section, so you can get an answer from an immigration attorney, Good luck.
Would it create problems at US immigration or visa renewal for re-entry into the US even though my 2nd DUI case was dismissed?
I had a DUI in 2010. I was arrested for another DUI in 2015. Would it create problems at US immigration or visa renewal for re-entry into the US even though my 2nd DUI case was dismissed? I am concerned because one of the questions asked in the visa application while re-entering US is 'Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime even though subject to pardon, amnesty or other similar action?'.
You have to answer "yes" regardless of how long ago your first DUI was (assuming you were arrested), but the second...
What does it mean when the prosecutor says that they might contemplate conceding DWI charges?
DWI Case. If charges are dropped, do the arrest and fingerprint records remain on file ? Which agencies (immigration, state etc) will have those records, even after the case was dropped? Does it pose a problem to travel internationally if not convicted or charges dropped? Thank you for your help in advance ;)
Thad are perfect questions to ask your current attorney. If a case is dismissed and sealed the all records should be...