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What will the judge give me for driving on revoked? When your license are revoked over first offense DUI and still on probation.
Got caught driving while my license are revoked over DUI. So how long will I have to go to jail
Uncertain. Your bigger problem is a possible probation violation for a new arrest while in probation for a DUI. You...
I have my first DUI and my case went upstairs but my lawyer never told me it was a fee till 3days before
So now I don't have the funds he wants money but never told me and my case coming up in a couple days.. What to do? Do I go to court anyway without a lawyer or don't show up?
You absolutely must go to court upstairs to Criminal Court. If you fail to appear a warrant will be issued for your...
I have a family member that got probation for having marijuana arrest
He got violated and went to jail bonded out and went to court and failed a drug test at court.. she sent him to drug court and they deny him and she gave him 11 mth 29 days .... does he have to serve all of that or have any other options?? It was his first time being arrested ever.... thx
It would appear that the defendant was convicted of simple possession of Marijuana, an "A" class misdemeanor, and...
What does it mean if a p.o. sets you up an appointment with social worker after you test positive for marijuana?
On 4 years probation and have already done 2 with no problems. Now test positive for marijuana which could also be from medication.
Why not call your probation officer to find out ? My guess is you might be screened for a treatment program.
After a 1st offense DWI (Tennessee) is an interlock device required after the mandatory 1 year suspension?
A family member was charged and pleaded guilty to DWI charges (0.16) just over a year ago. They are now eligible for license reinstatement but are being told that in addition to obtaining an SR22 they also have to have an interlock device installed for 1 year as a condition of reinstatement. Does this sound correct? Followup question: This DWI was a wakeup call for the family member and after being released from the mandatory 48 jail sentence went to rehab, then a halfway house and just celebrated 1 year of sobriety. Is it possible to get the interlock requirement waived at this point?
Certainly sounds like this family member is on the right track. Consult a skilled attorney to discuss his or her...
What are my possible consequences for a first offense of violation of probation for refusal to provide a urine sample?
I could not provide a urine sample despite trying for multiple hours of trying due to a suspected kidney infection. This is the first time ever violating and I have passed all drug tests before and after this incident as well made all payment required.
Possible consequences. 1. nothing rescheduled test 2. arrest and revocation or modification of probation or jail....
Dui showing on my MVR when I was in a completely different state?
I'm trying to find cheaper car insurance. I pulled my MVR. In 2015 I went through substance abuse issues with alcohol. Well I actually got a DUI and went to jail then to rehab for 45 days. I graduated a local drug court program and the charges were reduced. However my MVR states that I have a DUI in Kentucky in June 2015 when I was in Memphis TN at a rehab facility. I've been paying out the wazoo for full coverage since getting my license back. I assumed the high cost was because I was high risk due to the accident and careless driving charge. What can I do to correct this error? I'm calling the State Dept of Safety first thing, however I need some help with regards to how this can play out. Obviously I can get records from the Rehab Facility and the jail showing my entry and exit dates. Any help is appreciated.
Contact the department of licensing .. that's all you can do. Someone may have used your identity.