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  • Matthew Walker

    Tuesday Aug 18 | via WHTC 

    An unnamed 11-year-old Nunica-area girl is among at least 45 victims of an two-nation child pornography scheme that centers on a 25-year-old Louisiana man. Matthew Walker of Baton Rouge was arrested in March on local child porn charges, and a federal grand jury this month added additional counts against him including extortion.


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Is there a way to fight someone's probation sentence if it is effecting you?
My roommate was recently charged with her second DUI. Her sentence is 45 days w/ no license, then restricted w/ interlocker, and sobriety court w/ 2 years probation. Because of her probation, I am not allowed to have alcohol where I pay to live, I can't have a fire where alcohol is involved. I feel like the law is infringing on my rights even though I've done nothing wrong. I've heard several opinions, some say i can have it in my room (why bother?), others say that common area is fine as long as there is nothing in her room because that is the only area she controls. I just want to know if the law is overstepping and if I can argue for my rights. I'm 24 years old and according to the law, can't have a beer with my dinner at the dining room table.
It does not impact you whatsoever. You have no court order against you regarding alcohol or anything else. Your...
If a Kentucky driver is convicted in Michigan for impaired driving, how will that affect his driver's license in Kentucky?
Obviously the fines/costs and driver's responsibility fees will have to be paid to Michigan, and I know that Michigan DMV will notify Kentucky of the conviction, but will Kentucky take sanctions against the person for the out of state DUI conviction?
You should ask this question in a Kentucky forum. That said my experience with other out of state clients in...
Is it possible to get a dui that blew .17 reduced in grand haven on a first offense /
first offense, did not resist
Sure it's possible. However, there may be deficiencies or evidentiary problems that could get a further reduction or...
Can I plead not guilty for an MIP?
I am 18, a student at Grand Valley State University, and I only blew a .015. I had barely anything to drink. Everyone else (10 others) who got MIPs with me blew way higher than me. What are my chances of getting this misdimeter off my record? I cant have this effect my FAFSA
Most likely if you obtain representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney you could avoid a conviction in...
“please explain what this means: Grand Haven woman accused of driving drunk in double-fatal crash waives hearing”
LLEGAN, MI -- A 23-year-old Grand Haven woman accused of driving drunk in a June crash that killed a Holland couple has waived an initial hearing. [Information Withheld] waived a preliminary hearing Thursday, Nov. 13, in Allegan County District Court on two counts of operating while intoxicated causing death. Allegan County sheriff's deputies alleged that [Information Withheld] was driving south on M-40, north of Allegan, when she swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid hitting a car stopped to make a left turn. Her vehicle collided with a motorcycle. [Information Withheld], ages 69 and 66, were on the cycle and died. [Information Withheld] was charged in October. Typically, lab testing on blood can take several months to complete. [Information Withheld] case now goes to Allegan County Circuit Court. E-mail [Information Withheld] and follow him on Twitter at [Information Withheld]
All cases begin in District Court. For felony cases, which is what you described, the defendant has a right to have a...
First offense DUI and immigration.
Can I get deported for a first offense dui in Michigan?
The answer to your question depends on a number of other issues. For example, do you have legal status in the United...
I received a Mip for alcohol last Friday night but did not go to jail or take a Breathalyzer. Will I receive probation?
I was walking on campus with some friend when we saw a cop turn around. Although we had nothing on us my friends decided to run. I ran with them after realizing they did. We ran before the cops had their lights on or told us to stop but they did find us all in the weeds. Did not get charged with evasion. After denying I drank the whole time the cop told me I had to take a test where I follow his finger while he shines a flashlight in my eye. I took it and he tells me he knows I drank I told him ok I had a 2 beers and he gave me a MIP. It was 2:20 am.
If its your first MIP, you are eligible for statutory diversion. To protect your interests, you should plead "not...