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Is there a website that shows the EXACT current steps to reinstate a license in pa?
Try PennDOT:
ARD hearing in a remote area of the state. I have no family or friends and there is absolutely no way for me to get to the place of hearing by public transportation. Is it a given that when they take my license, my car will be impounded and I will have no way to return home from this hearing? Which means a chance at more jail time?
Your car will not be impounded. This is not an option the prosecutors could seek. If you are stopped as you drive after...
This is a list of charges against a bus driver that denies consuming alcohol other than some gin soaked raisins. The school did not call the police when she returned to the school with half of the students (she was supposed to take them home but half way through her route thought it was morning despite pleas from the children to turn around because it was afternoon) so there is no admissible blood alcohol test. 18 § 2705 M2 Recklessly Endangering Another Person 75 § 3802 §§ A1* M DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 1st Off 75 § 3714 §§ A S Careless Driving 75 § 3736 §§ A S Reckless Driving
At the bottom I will provide a link to our legislature's website where you can view the statutory language for each...
I have a summary appeal for underage drinking coming up. I know that it would be very wise to obtain a lawyer but I absolutely don't have the money so I will have to represent myself. I am wondering what I should say because if I am found guilty I will loose my license for two years. I will have to take semesters off of college as I commute and will most definitely loose my job as a delivery driver
I am assuming this your 3rd offense (due to the 2 year suspension). At this point, you may not find much sympathy....
Me and two of my friends went to Bloomsburg.we decided to go to Dennys at 3 a.m. I didn't know the driver and had no clue that he was drinking prior.he seemed on the way back an officer stops us sighting that the driver was running stop they breathalyze him.after which they began asking me and my two friends questions. they asked me for a breathalyzer but I refused.the driver blew .7 they then gave me a citation for underage drinking citing that they could smell alcohol on my breath even though I hadn't drank and I clearly stated that I had not. should I plead not guilty. I was only a passenger in the car they have no evidence to suggest I was drunk no sleared speech or stumbling.I also didn't have any id. But gave all real info and was not rude.
You are on the right track. In addition to pleading not guilty, you and your parents should speak confidentially with...
I was in a bad motorcycle accident and life flight took me to a local hospital. My brain was bleeding along with other things and I don't remember the whole thing or a week later coming home from the hospital. I received a chemical test refusal and filled an appeal. Is this legal with someone so Injured and obviously in medical distress?
Based upon the facts you stated, a judge should not find that you refused. However, a lawyer will need to see what the...
He has five prior convictions and now will go before the magistrate again. They were all related to his going back and forth to work (to pay fines which are now current). This most recent charge came while he was walking 1/4 mile from the vehicle and not driving. He was stopped by the officer because he has dreadlocks, (yes, I know). What would an informed course of action be to best defend him. I will be paying the bills so I care for two reasons... One is family and two is value but first comes his well being. Can our general will, real estate and divorce lawyer handle this. I am concerned about the wisdom of a General Practice attorney asking for a lesser penalty that doesn't involve jail time. Can you help?
There are serious implications so you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent him. Good luck.