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What happens if someone is on drug court n fails a drug test
My boyfriend completed drug court but is still on probation n he failed a drug test what can happen to him
There are a number of possible outcomes; none of them good. Your boyfriend should immediately discuss the possible...
What does a comprehensive DUI Full assessment mean or in-detail, did i fail the first evaulation?
I was arrested for a alcohol dui and completed my crn. I recently received a letter in the mail stating I need to completely a Dui Alcohol HIghway Safety School (AHSS) and Comprehensive DUI Full Assessment by a CMSU drug&alcohol case manager which will determine whether further Drug%Alcohol treatment is required.
You were arrested and charged with a serious crime. Have you hired an experienced criminal defense attorney? If so,...
Will Adult ARD program drug test me.?
Iv'e been in the ARD program for 11 months now. I usually have to call a phone number once a month to check in. I've been on so long I forgot to check in one month, but otherwise checked in every month. I got a letter in the mail telling me to report to their office next week and in the letter it said "Please bring all medications and any documentation pertinent to on-going treatment to this appointment". Are they going to drug test me a month prior to completing ARD? Also, I'm not on ARD for a DUI or drug related offenses.
It is possible you are tested. Also, you might be removed from ard. Call your attorney
How much (if any) jail time do you get for driving on a suspended license 4 times within a year?
It was suspended for non-DUI charges, but was pulled over for general impairment all times.
The answer depends on whether you are being charged with 1543(a) or 1543(b). If it is the former, after your first...
Trying to reinstate my driving privileges after 3 DUI's from another State.
I currently Live in Pennsylvania and need to get a Drivers license. Haven't had one in almost 15 years when I lived in Michigan where it got suspended from 3 DUI"s In that amount of time , 15 years I didn't need a drivers license and now have the need for one and need to clean this up as painless as possible.
Most likely you have to be able to reinstate your DL in MI in order for PA to be able to issue you a license. Find out...
Can I find AFFORDABLE representation to fight a 1st offense DUI
I put down 3 drinks only 2 minutes prior to driving 4 blocks to the gas station for ciggs. An off-duty detained me for unrelated warrants from fines (4-6 years prior) that I had forgotten to pay on. I was fully prepared to pay them not realizing that the smell on my breath would catch me a DUI. If they had done the fst and breathalyzer at that point they would have seen that I wasn't impaired. Instead, they took me to the station then the booking center, before administering the tests which by that time 1 hour later... I was impaired and blew a 0.186.
There are many attorney's that will represent you for a reasonable fee. I would suggest using the "Find a Lawyer" link...
I got a dui. I completed ARD and then got it expunged can i buy a firearm? Do i need to divulge on background check app?
I got a dui. I completed ARD and then got it expunged can i buy a firearm? Do i need to divulge on background check app?
Get your terms of probation and sit down with a local defense attorney or apply for a fire arm and see if you will be...