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I was arrested for DUI while in the carpark of my residence. The case was dismissed in court. I spent a day in jail.
The judge dismissed the case for lack of evidence.
Good for you, you had a good judge, too bad the DA didn't have enough sense not to file charges against you. Did you...
Does Title 17 cover PAS tests?
I read online that a policeman has to observe you for fifteen minutes before he breath tests you in a DUI through something called Title 17. I got pulled over and a cop breath tested me in like five minutes after making me walk the line. Can he do that? Apparently, I blew .105 or something. I made them take me for a blood draw, hoping my blood alcohol would go down.
Yes it does. It it recommended that you have counsel to represent you at the DMV and at court to make that part of your...
I was arrested for DUI and the case was dismissed. I spent a day in Jail and not given a phone call while in jail. Dismissed
I was in the parking lot of the complex. My truck slipped into drive and crashed into a sign post in the yard area. The police did a sobriety check 3 times and determined that I was incapacitated and arrested me. After a day in jail, I was released on my on reconizance and sent home. A court date was set and I arrived to be told that there was no evidence and dismissed the case. I want to see if there is anything I can do to prevent this from happening to another in the same situation. The police did not take a blood test or urine. They were aware that I have Peripheral Neuropathy and unsteady on my feet for the duration of their investigation. The police called a second opinion and arrested me when my family didnt come to my aid.
Get a letter from your neurologist and keep it in your car. If you're unsteady on your feet, you may be questioned and...
3 arrests in 2 months, all drug possession, 1 DUI. Would it keep me out of jail if I entered myself into a private rehab treatm
treatment center right away? I signed a harvey waiver with a 3 1/2 year prison term
Possibly. You certainly can try, but I doubt it, as the judges may be worried about the example it sets for others who...
Withing the past 2 months i got 3 times. 2 possession, 1 possession for sales and 1 DUI. all possessions were under 4 grams. I h
withing the past 2 months i got 3 times. 2 possession, 1 possession for sales and 1 DUI. all possessions were under 4 grams. I have stayed out of trouble for 14 years until 2 months ago. I signed a harvey waiver on the 2nd arrest which holds 3 1/2 yrs. ..."
I think your question was asked in the prior question and answered. Good luck.
Husband violated dui probation and caught a new drug case only 2 days after getting out of jail checking into a hotel. I
my husband just served 2 days out of a 5 day sentence for his 2nd dui in 10 years . put on dui probation for 3 tears .. 2 days after being released he checked into a hotel and minuted later sheriffs entered the room . they found meth and haquled him off to jail . my queastin is . why did they do that and can they do that if he doesn't have search and seizure. and what kind of sentence is he looking at, this happened yesterday his court date is tomorrow . the jail told me his charges were probation violation and possession of controlled substance . needless to say these are the reasons I wasn't and have been separated from him for months now. can you give me some answeres please?
Without knowing all of the particulars of your husband's conviction and the terms of probation, it's difficult to...
Will an FBI background check reveal a dui/possession diversion?
I want to join the armed services with a secret clearance requirement. The problem is that I have a dui (marijuana)/poss (marijuana) diversion. This took place in Oregon but I live in California. At that specific time I was going to college in Washington. Will this be likely to show up on an FBI background check?
If you were fingerprinted and photographed following the arrest, most likely.