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My son was charged with dui involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment they were thrown from car no one seen him driving
my son and his girlfriend where both thrown from the car no one seen my son driving my son can't remember the accident they had left her cousin house. it happen about 2;30 in the morning on a back road in va. we hired a son girlfriend was known to drive this car knowing she did not have a driving license. my son lawyer said he could beat the involuntary manslaughter charge but he could get 20 years on child endangerment he just saying you will get 20 years the lawyer he scared my son and myself so did the commonwealth att that was all they kept saying I fill that my son was used to make a statement of some kind and no body care about my son because of who is girlfriend was now I have all my son paper work there are a lot of things not right
The attorney is likely telling your son what the max is for what he is charged. Your son is also allowed to seek other...
What happens usually with a noncompliance on a dui?
It's my first dui. I had a violation in Sept but it was first and forgiven. However in November I got another and just received a letter from my case manager about it going back to court. What should I do? Expect?
You should call your attorney or hire a good DUI attorney. They tend to wait until the 2nd interlock violation so...
What is the punishment for driving on a suspended license for multiple convictions of DUI? I've had three DUI's.
I was pulled over for a taillight and while the officer was running my name he found out that my license was suspended. He wrote me a ticket for the suspension and defective equipment. I'm allowed to petition the circuit court for a restricted license January 13, 2017 because that will be four years since my conviction for my DUI 3rd. But now that I got this ticket I'm not sure what to do. What are my punishments for the ticket? And should I petition the higher court before going to the lower court for the ticket?
You need an attorney. The penalties are harsh, including additional jail and suspension of license. It may be a good...
What are my chances of getting convicted for dui when no one saw me driving and I drank after an accident?
I was driving to work and someone cut me off making me run off the road and hit a curb. I then pulled my car in a parking space and got out. I believe I had a concussion because my face hit the steering wheel but I never told the cops this because I felt no pain at the time. A women came outside after my accident and saw my car asking if I was alright. I asked her not to call the cops yet because I already have a dui and don't need another charge.. I also told her I had to go speak with my boss first. I work at a bar and My boss told me not to worry about working so I took two large shots of rumple minz and chugged two beers. Before I knew it the cops showed up and asked me to come outside. I went outside and they gave me a breathalyzer and fst. I was then charged and arrested for 2nd offense dui. What are my chances of beating the this in court? Do the cops have a strong enough case against me?
This sounds like a strong case based on my understanding of the DUI case law in Virginia. I highly recommend you hire a...
My license is suspended for a dui from 2009. I have no way to pay the fines. How can I reduce the price?
I have no way to work without a license. I don't drink alcohol anymore. I'm 27 years old now, I was 19 when this happened. I've struggled for 8 years.
First of all, I suggest you ask the DMV for a compliance summary to make sure the fine is the only thing standing in...
I have a hearing for possession of marijuana how should I be getting ready l
I past three cops leaving a friends house and 2 mins down the road I got pulled over for illegal tint. It was a grinder with a small amount and old capsule with residue in the trunk. Plus old pecies throughout the car. I took ownership because I had a friend in the car. I'm looking for pointers and advice on what I should be doing. This is my first offense. I just would not like to have my license suspended or have it on my court. If I can avoid probation then that would be a plus.
The best thing you can do it stop making admissions on the internet and hire a criminal defense attorney. There may or...
What are the typical consequences where you got your first fail on an interlock?
First offender DWI, got my first fail on my interlock system. Went and got my results from VASAP and every blow was .05 or under. I know that it fails anything .02 and above, but wondering if anyone has experience with VA on what the typical punishment is?
You need to contact the attorney who represented you. Generically, where I practice which is from Caroline down, the...