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Will I be stopped at Immigration after my DUI has been expunged??
I have been charged for DUI in Pennsylvania and I did the ARD program, completed it and expunged it. I do not have a green card and I am planning to go to India. I am on stem OPT. Will there be any issues coming back from India to the USA. Thanks in advance
CBP can still acccess your criminal history after you obtain an expungement. I recommend that you travel with a...
PA resident- PA DL, DUI in Delaware- works in DE, can he get a Work License to drive in DE?
My son got a DUI in Delaware after a night out with friends and going off the road and hitting a tree- he was critically injured -no other people or vehicles involved- and they did pull blood in the hospital- he is 21, a PA resident with a PA license -but works in Delaware and has to drive as part of his job. We have not yet had a hearing as he is still under the care of doctors with a traumatic brain injury and unable to leave. He is expected to have a full recovery in 5-7 months and hopes to return to work as soon as he is able.
You need to retain a DUI attorney in Delaware. He/she will address the case while your son is recovering. When your...
For time dui offender with a .0189 bac how much time am I looking at
Pulled over on Saturday night with open bottle in car and bac of .189 I've been in rehab and detox before and I'm still going to counseling now what are my chances of going back into rehab and not doing any jail time
If you meant fourth (4th) offense and even one of those was in the last 10 years the answer is: non-existent. Mandatory...
Can I sue this drunk driver? Victim sustained no injury; Vehicle totaled
My husband and daughter were hit by a drunk driver who has been deemed 100% at fault; he has insurance. My family sustained no injuries (thank God). Our insurance company is going to total the vehicle for $7,400. This vehicle was paid off so my family can NOT afford a monthly payment and 7k just won't cover the cost of a vehicle we need. Any suggestions or help in this matter?
In cases of this nature, the damages are typically limited to the market value of the car. It is unfortunate that you...
My friend is facing DUI charges in 2 counties. He was arrested in one county and bond was set at $5k. There was no detainer.
I went to a bondsman and made an agreement and took the paperwork to the prison. They then told me they had to "verify his address" and he would be released the next day after doing so. The next day, they rushed and did a preliminary arraignment for the other county where bail was set by them for $10k. Today he was transported to the other county's prison. Do we have a case to request the bail from there be eliminated? I'm still on the line for the original bond...
Once the bond is posted it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get it back until the case has been disposed of....
I'm out on parole for my 2nd dui. Can I visit a bar to eat dinner as long as I don't drink?
I've completed all court conditions and currently on phone reporting for a 2nd time DUI conviction. I reviewed all of my paper work and nothing states I can't visit an establishment that serves alcohol. All it states is I can't consume alcohol. I didn't receive anything from my parole officer stating the conditions of my parole except an anytrax reporting letter. If I went out with my girlfriend for dinner at a bar/grill could I violate my parole in PA?
You can go to a bar or restaurant. what you can not do is drink. However, wouldn't it be better not to be around...
Do probation officers have to show you results or your drug screen when they say it is positive and want you to admit to using
I went for my by weekly drug screen yesterday and to see my probation Officer I have not used a drug since i was prescribed one in early September I have not failed a drug screen since i got out of rehab and a half way house July first and my Probation officer said i failed and that if i did not admit to it i would go to jail. So out of fear i said i took vicaden just so i would not go to jail then i asked to see the positive drug test result and he would not show it to me.My older brother who hates me and who is always failing drug screens and going to jail talked to my po yesterday as he was there to see his.He told my po that i had overdosed and been using regularly so basiclly my po is talking to my brother and taking the info from him and putting towards threating me is this a conflict of intrest as my brother and I had the same probation officer untill I asked to be switched cause I knew a situation like this would occur cause my brother loves to steer the spot light off of him and on to other people like he failed his urine test and made a deal to tell on myself and other people for using when i myself have not been also he is calling my out patient treatment place
No they do not. Sorry you confessed to something you did not do.