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Will I be drug tested on the day of my 4th court hearing which is probably my last
I was not arrested but charged with a 3rd degree misdemeanor , the court referred me to a counseling program for mental issues and substance abuse. I was admitted. I completed the program. the family affairs woman told me that the program would get my charges dropped. When I go back to court for my 4th hearing in a week, will they drug test me? It should be my last hearing hopefully and I think the judge will drop the case but, will they give me a drug test on that date? I am in Connecticut.
What was the substance causing the problem? You need to plan that you will be drug tested to be on the safe side.
Can a cop forcibly extract a motorist out of their car for refusing to step out when ordered to at a D.U.I checkpoint?
There is no smell of alcohol, nor any illegal contraband in plain view. The driver is simply exercising their right to not answer questions and would like to be left alone and travel without government seizure of movement.
Is this a hypothetical question or did this really happen? If it's a hypothetical, I would recommend rather that the...
I don't want to install IID , what other option ( s) do I have ? . How soon can I get my license back ?
I am a resident of CT and have a CT driver's licence . Got a DUI in the state of Louisiana ( first offense ever , BAC of .12 ) in 2013. Refused breathalyzer test but later accepted giving Blood sample for chemical test. Pleaded no contest => paid court fees + completed community service hours + took required classes => got "motion of termination of probation " from LA court and a letter from NOLA DMV that my license ( driving privilege in LA ) has been reinstated. My attorney in NOLA is working on expungement of the record and expects to obtain such court decision by end of Sep 2014 ( note this is expected to seal the dui records). CT DMV has learnt about the DUI from NOLA DMV through ( Interstate Driver's License Compact).
Were you court-ordered to install the IID? Has Connecticut rescinded your driving privilege or suspended your license?...
I just got a 2nd Dui. Is there anything to be done to keep me out of jail?
The first DUI was in New Mexico in 2001. I just got one in 2009 Oct. Is there anything that I can do?
You should conact a lawyer who focuses on DWI/DUI defense immediately. Generally, there are many defenses. A...
If pulled over and you think you are above the limit, should you refuse to blow the meter?
I drink from time to time and want to know if I were ever to be pulled over and I am confident I will be over the legal limit, is it prudent to refuse to blow the meter?
It is hard to conjure circumstances where it would be advisable to refuse a breathilizer test in Connecticut. In...
Can i join the marines with a drunk and dissorderly misdemeanor?
I very badly want to join the Marines. i was arrested when i was 18 now I'm 21 and want to make a serious change and show the marine core that i am a strong competitive person who wants to improve their life.
Best bet is to get an expungement and apply for college instead of getting blown up by an IUD if Afghanistan
Can i avoid jail time in ct for a second dwi wich actually was the first in ct
I got my second dwi in ct but my prior was in ny and they said i got to do mandatory jail time is there a chance to avoid it?
Many times people are told there is "mandatory jail time" but as with most charges that is something that can be...