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I just received an arraignment for court for DUI that happened around 9 months ago, it's in 3 weeks and I have no lawyer.
I am currently working and have letters of good standing , it's my first time offense of anything , I am extremely unprepared as it is in 3 weeks but I literally got the letter right now and am in shock and seeking some sort of guidance on how to approach or prepare myself.
That should give you ample time to retain a lawyer. If not, appear in Court and ask the judge to give you some more...
Can I lease a new car with a temporary drivers license?
I was pulled over for DUI and I now have a temporary drivers license. I am awaiting my DMV hearing and also court. I dont think I have been convicted yet but I am wondering if it will already show up on my DMV driving record If I attempt to lease a new car.
The fact the hearing is pending will show up. Your license is still valid. I'm sure somebody will lease you a car.
Is there a discrepancy on the Officer's Statement in my 2nd DUI situation leading up to my DMV hearing tomorrow?
On the officer's sworn statement (DS 367), it was executed on July 18th as the issue date of the order, but within the section for Chemical Test, the date that I took the test was on the 19th, however within the same section after the breath test machine operator's certification statement, it is dated July 18th along with his signature. Can I legally be given a chemical test the next day after the officer had already written a sworn statement the previous day of everything that took place no matter if it's within a 24 hour period the of actual date (the 18th)? Shouldn't all the dates coincide with each other?
Yes, they should coincide, but people sometimes make honest mistakes. If the cop says he just wrote down the wrong date...
I recently got a 2nd DUI on 7/18/2015. 1st DUI in 2008. What are the possibilities of getting it dismissed?
I got one DUI in 2008 in which I obtain a lawyer and the case was reduced to wet reckless. I completed all the requirements. I recently got a 2nd DUI on 7/18/2015 and I was wondering what are the possibilities of getting it dismissed. I was stopped for running a red light. My BAC was .11 at the scene (11:30pm) and .09 at the statio maybe 1 hour later or so. I hadn't eaten anything since approx. 7:30am and drank a small amount of alcohol around 10:30pm. I didn't take a blood test. I was stopped under a freeway, alot of traffic passing by, noise, and I was standing in water and on a slightly slanted street while doing the sobriety test.
In order to get this case dismissed, your only chances are a Not Guilty Verdict through a trial. Get a good DUI Trial...
Should I Be Worried? How Does This Affect Me? Will Charges Be Brought Against Me?
I just got detained for 40(approx)hours in CA then released on my own. I received a Detention Certificate of release, it was stated that I was 'arrested for vc23152(a), vc23152(b) (DUI)and no further proceedings are desirable,' as per penal code 849 part b. I was in my car on the side of the road when they came to check on me, then arrested/detained for DUI, I was fingerprinted/photographed and they took my license, suspended DMV form, stored my car and let me go on my own.Does this mean it wasn't an arrest and they went easy on me? Will there be any type of followup I should be worried about, DA? At the bottom, it says the arrested shall be deemed as a detention only, not as an arrest, and that any record of the arrest will include a record of the release. So, how much does this affect me
Duplicate post. Please see prior answers. This will only show as a detention only, not an actual arrest or criminal...
I was remanded back into custody for 180days,with 8months sb38 program completed.Do I still need the classes?
I went to my court date for progress report,(which was up to date & current) I was remanded due to restitution issues.Do I still need to complete the classes & if so with or without the 8month credit.
I am surprised you were remanded due to restitution.. was it an inability to pay?!? Not sure how they expect you to...
How can I keep my record as clean as possible from a first DUI?
: I got arrested for DUI for the first time last night. I was released the same night and had a BAC of .06% still gave me a ticket and they took my license away. I need help and a quote. Thanks.
this is a very defensible case snd you may end up with absolutely nothing in the end but you need to contact an...