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Hello, new unemployment claim and DUI suspension on record now? How should I file?
Hello, around 3 months ago I got suspended for DUI. We are fighting this case now since it;s been lots of RED flags in a situation. Hopefully the case will get dismissed eventually. There was no court decision yet and I still am eligible to fully drive. My UI benefits had expired and I thought it would be automatically renewed - read it online, bad research on my side. Anyhow, I am in a middle of trying to get into a school now and still jobless. So My question now - would the DUI suspension, not completed, affect me receiving my benefits again? Also, should i disclose this while filing? I have read a report online on DUIs in CA. It states that it's illegal for en Employer to even ask for any pending DUI cases. but UI is not en Employer. Rather Government. I would want o be as honest as possible. Thank you so much for your time!
It sounds like you already have an attorney retained in this matter. If that is the case, I would advise you to direct...
Hi I was pulled over for DUI I did not have any alcohol nor did I have illegal drugs in my system I did have prescription meds
In my system when I went to court I wanted to take my case to trial instead the public defender scared me into pleading guilty now I have fines I can not pay a DUI ON MY RECORD I HAVE A CLEAN RECORD THIS IS MY FIRST DUI CAN I GO BCK AND TAKE THIS TO TRIAL I AM SO UPSET AS TO WHAT TO DO IS IT TO LATE
You need to find an attorney to file a motion to try to set aside the guilty plea. There is no guarantee that it will...
I need help with my DUI... My BAC was .16 and I do not know what I should do
Let me explain my situation first. I hit my car into the wall on freeway 101. There were no others involved in accidents, injuries and property damage. (my car had a low tire pressure sign on.) Police officer came to take care of the accident and he told me that he could smell alcohol from me. I passed all sobriety tests that officer told me, but the blowing machine told me I had BAC of .16. Here is the thing, I had to blow the machine four times at the location and blew twice at the police station. Should I hire a private attorney or just go with public attorney? I have never done anything wrong in my life and I just graduated college with 3.8 gpa. What could be my worst case scenario? ( I have to go back to Korea to serve army, but I am also U.S citizen.)
DUI cases are beatable. In many cases reasonable doubt can be created as to whether you were over the legal limit at...
I was stopped for tinted windows in my car. I had 2 and a half beers. DUI
they stopped me and arrested me for DUI. I was not speeding and I refuse to take a test about 2 hours later they did blood work on me. they did not read me my chemical rights and nor they gave me the consequences for refusing. what are my chances of getting conviceted of first offense dui?
Hire an attorney immediately to handle the DMV case and your criminal case. They can look at all the facts to see if...
1st time DUI, with a minor traffic collision on the 405, how deep in the poop am I?
So I scratched my bumper on another vehicle while looking at my map. Neither of us were hurt. She called he police, I admitted to drinking earlier that night and they gave me a FST and breathilizer, I don't remember excatually what I blew in the field, but at the station it was a 0.09. Is there any hope to keep my license? Is it possible to fight the charges?
It is always possible to fight DUI charges. There are many factors aside from the alcohol level that are taken into...
Does the CHP in Southern California use passive alcohol sensor flashlights such as the pas iv made by alcopro?
DUI questions
That is not a standard issued tool in the Los Angeles area. Southern California covers a very large area and many CHP...
Having 2 DUIs can immigration deny me?
Will having two DUI's deny me of a green card? I'm married to a USC and applied to get green card. I already received my EAD 3 days ago. Our interview is scheduled 1 week from today but here is my question. I have 2 DUIs which I mentioned on the application the first one was 8 years ago and the second was about 5 years ago, I completed everything and submitted proof to USCIS. They were simple DUIs with no damage to anyone it was stupid of me but I have learned my mistakes I'm not perfect. Can they deny me?
No, don't worry.