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I just found out that the parent of my daughter's friend has an Iid in her due DWI conviction.
She has had my daughter in the car before and after her conviction and sentencing. I have told her that I am not comfortable with her driving my child at this time. What are her legal obligations as to having an unrelated minor in her car? What are mine, as I know another classmate that she has driven.
If you don't want your child to be driven around with someone who has an IID in their car, don't. She doesn't have any...
I was arrested for dwi-AA. First offense. I have primary custody of my two minor children. Can my husband get custody?
My husband is remarried and they live in a better school district. His new wife is also a teacher
Anything is possible. A Dwi arrest would be one of many factors a judge would analyze before determining what is in the...
My ex was arrested on aggravated DWI. I found out from Should I be legally notified by the courts or her?
She has custody, how do I protect my children.
I am not aware of any legal obligation for your ex to notify you of the arrest. If you think you have grounds to modify...
I just got a 2nd DWI my first was in 2010...what should I expect?
First one I blew .85, got probation for 3 years, interlock, lost my license and had to do rehab and DMV classes too. I also paid a lot of money for a criminal attorney I live in Suffolk County NY. I got another Thursday night and blew .10, I had a $5000 next court date is Tuesday what should I expect? Do I kill my self now?
I suggest you read the information at: I...
Can I drive in another state while Im on probation with a DUI in New York?
I am on probation cannot drive in New York. But I need to travel to north Carolina and will it be possible to do so? Do other states know that my liscence is suspended?
Your privilege to drive is not automatically suspended in North Carolina. You need to check with DMV or a NC lawyer to...
What is the possible outcome for first time dwi, bac of .15, involving an accident with no injuries reported?
The bac was .15, but it was not only first time dwi, but first time ever going through the justice system. Rear ended someone but they were fine. No one went to the hospital.
Which county? That will make a difference.
Will I be able to apply for citizenship, if I still have a pending case for dwi
I had an accident on January 2013, I got to into a deal , I am paying restitutioan for 3 more years a least, was that's done I will have to do a year of county time,
I would clearly not file the application for citizenship without bringing the complaint and disposition to an...