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I had my first dui in 2007 where I cause misdemeanor harm and left the scene. I just got my second dui and refused to test. I really just asked to ID of the person taking the blood which by law she should have had, but I guess that doesn't matter. I have other summary offenses for public drunkenness. I went to rehab on my own after the second dui by slipped up after and got a summary public drunkenness after drinking with a friend and talking about Iraq so I went back into a PTSD rehab program while I await my court date for sentencing on my second dui. I know no one can tell me for sure but was wandering what I am looking at for sentencing I realize I will most likely have to spend 90 days in jail. And they can't give me more that six months. But wanted to know about probation?
If this is your second DUI and you refused testing, you are correction about the 90 day mandatory minimum, but you are...
I had been fighting with my husband, and had a contact PFA. The police had been to our home so many times that they actually stated they were tired of coming out. In the beginning of March one evening my husband came home drunk. I had already had 4 glasses of wine myself. I'm no saint. He kept screaming at my daughter and myself and leaving in my truck, coming back and doing it all over. Finally I had enough and decided I was going to go get my truck myself so he couldn't keep coming and going. On my way home I was having a hard time driving, not only was I crying, but I had my daughter in the truck, and I never drive it. Suddenly, I missed my turn and went into an imbankment in my development. Luckily I was only going 5mph. But I was arrested on the spot, and taken to the hosp for blood
Ever charged cwith DUI before is the big issue. Ask the District Attorney for ARD. The edangering a minor could be a...
I parked at a grocery store because I knew I couldn't drive. I feel asleep and a citizen called the police. I was taken to the hospital but refused testing. I will receive a cititation in the mail.
An experienced criminal defense attorney can definitely help you. You will not receive a citation, but rather a...
I got a dui in sept. of 2004
If you successfully completed your ARD probation, then the underlying charges should have been dismissed by the court...
I was driving home and came upon a car that had driven into a snow bank. Police were on the scene. I swerved to avoid a car that was stopped, police asked if I had been drinking and gave me sobriety test. Eventually I was taken to the processing center and had blood drawn. Told I would receive something in mail in 2 weeks if charged. It's been a month and I have heard nothing. I am wondering if I should call the police and ask if any charges have been filed?
It is generally not advisable to speak to the police on your own when there is a possibility of criminal charges. At...
Person was under 21 when offense occurred.
Yes. It will show up as an arrest and an adjudication and not a conviction.
Yes. You do not need to surrender your license to PennDOT during an appeal, but you certainly can do that.