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How much probation am I looking at for a second dui (refusal to test) what kind of probation am I looking at.
I had my first dui in 2007 where I cause misdemeanor harm and left the scene. I just got my second dui and refused to test. I really just asked to ID of the person taking the blood which by law she should have had, but I guess that doesn't matter. I have other summary offenses for public drunkenness. I went to rehab on my own after the second dui by slipped up after and got a summary public drunkenness after drinking with a friend and talking about Iraq so I went back into a PTSD rehab program while I await my court date for sentencing on my second dui. I know no one can tell me for sure but was wandering what I am looking at for sentencing I realize I will most likely have to spend 90 days in jail. And they can't give me more that six months. But wanted to know about probation?
If this is your second DUI and you refused testing, you are correction about the 90 day mandatory minimum, but you are...
Do I have any shot at ARD? I was recently in a behavioral clinic, am in AA, have a sponsor, and am in counseling. Need Help.
I had been fighting with my husband, and had a contact PFA. The police had been to our home so many times that they actually stated they were tired of coming out. In the beginning of March one evening my husband came home drunk. I had already had 4 glasses of wine myself. I'm no saint. He kept screaming at my daughter and myself and leaving in my truck, coming back and doing it all over. Finally I had enough and decided I was going to go get my truck myself so he couldn't keep coming and going. On my way home I was having a hard time driving, not only was I crying, but I had my daughter in the truck, and I never drive it. Suddenly, I missed my turn and went into an imbankment in my development. Luckily I was only going 5mph. But I was arrested on the spot, and taken to the hosp for blood
Ever charged cwith DUI before is the big issue. Ask the District Attorney for ARD. The edangering a minor could be a...
DUI / ARD and getting License back. Lehigh County.
I am currently on and have been for some time on ARD for a first time DUI in Lehigh County, PA. I also am on Bucks County probation mainly for a hefty restitution remaining at 46k. I've been enrolled in college since the DUI and have been supported by my wife as I couldn't drive. My problem is my wife has been planning to divorce me for some time and now has moved me out of the house. I need to get to work to make any kind of money, yet I can't get my license back until I pay lehigh a bunch of money, and then I worry cause I can't pay my restitution in Bucks. They have me in a pincer here, a literal vice. How am I to pay anybody anything if I can't at least get to work. Is there anything a lawyer can do to help this? I don't know what to do?
Yes, you're in a hard place. Don't believe much can be done for you but you can hire a local DUI lawyer for a...
I passed out in the Mcdonalds drive thru after drinking at the bar and woke up to a police officer, I had a 1.08 BAC level.
This is my first, DUI offense, I had a CDL, is there anything I can do to avoid going to jail and having my license suspended, I would surrender my CDL if necessary. The only thing in my criminal history is a summary for harassment. when I was arrested for DUI 2 days ago I was driving my friends car its a stick shift car, the emergency break was on and out of gear while we waited to place an order. I did cooperate with the police with everything they asked me to do, I didn't hesitate to any test.
You may be eligible for a special diversionary program called ARD that will result in an expungement of your criminal...
Is there a good chance my dui of marijuana get dismissed.
I have no prior dui.i was pulled over for headlight the cop came back to the car and said he smelled marijuana ask me if i been smoking i sad no.iam physically disabled but was given sobriety test after i was arrested they searched car without permission didn't find nothing.i refused to take blood test because it would have stiil been in my system.if there's no telling when i last smoked how can i get dui.thanks
If the officer can testify to the fact that you showed signs of impairment due to marijuana and that it affected your...
When will a dui be removed from the district court records?
My daughter had a dui and she opted for ARD. The ARD requirements are complete and the record has been removed from the common pleas court on the Unified justice system website but still shows on the magisterial district court website. Will that be removed also and if so, when? Thanks.
Hi, you need to have a criminal attorney file an expungment petition to have it completely cleared off the court record...
My son got a DUI (spice, not alcohol) and also was driving his car with expired inspection sticker and expired drivers license.
He did have a small amount of "spice" and a pipe on him. Was taken for a blood test. What will happen now? 1st offense. Thank you!
Typically, a first time offender will get probation, but there are many consequences beyond the criminal case. You need...