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My drink driving conviction
i had recently turned over my car after clipping a central pedestrian crossing in the middle of the road,,,,, i had had 4 pints of strong Lager in the last 4 hours, i was knocked unconcious but managed eventually to free myself from the car. The police came and give me a breathaliser test i blew over the limit, the police then wanted to give me a blood test at the scene, they were stopped from doing this by the ambulance crew who rushed me to hospital. The police turned up at the hospital 10 hours after the incident happend with a doctor who took a blood sample from me. They told me it would be between 2-6 weeks for the test to comeback positive or negative, whilst i was at the hospital i was given a nebuliser, painkillers and a drip will this affect the result, addition 2 litres of water
What is your question?
I was on a 1 year probation for cocaine posesion. Rear-ended another driver. My fault. I chose to call police. Arrested for DUI.
Did not blow. Did not report in out of fear of incarceration. Am i accumulating numerous violations as time goes on? it's been about 6-7 weeks.
Getting arrested is not a violation. Failing to report it to probation is a violation. Refusing to blow could be a...
How do I apply for an appeal hearing after getting a dui during the first 10 days?
I got a dui and I have 10 days to appeal the suspension. I basically just need the extra 30 days to get my affairs in order before my license is suspended so I need to know how to submit a formal appeal.
You have to go to the Lantana Office to request a hearing. There are some documents you have to fill out and your will...
My license is suspended for 5 yrs due to 2 dui w/in 5yrs. Need hardship for work but have outstanding traffic tickets that I was
supposed to go to court for but was in jail during this time ( 2 in FL and 1 in NY). Also failure to pay child support even though my wife and I put an end to this 15 months ago at the courthouse. I recently went to dui school and am getting my certificate of passing. My probation is ending in April--what are the chances of me getting the hardship? I was convicted June 2014 for the dui that happened Nov. 17 2013
At the moment your chances are zero percent (0%). You have a 5 year revocation and can get a hardship after 1 year...
I have 2 dui w/in 5 yrs. in FL. One dui in NY- blew .04 which is not illegal but was convicted anyway 10 years ago. My last dui
was Nov. 16 2013--I need a hardship license for work- will I be able to receive one? (please, no comments like " you should not be driving" or "invest in a bicycle")--thank you
Good question. DWAIs in New York are an infraction, but are a substantially similar alcohol related offense. Not sure...
Will I receive full custody if the father has 2 dui ( with in 2 years),domestic violence(3 years ago,disorderly conduct(2years)
We are not married , he has no license, he has one 8 yearn old with his ex and is on child support. ... I have a clean background, been at my job for 10 years , and are going to school ... The domestic violence was not from me .
Assuming these issues and facts are properly presented to the court and tied to the father's ability to parent, you...
Smart start installed in my suv in florida, it's a condition of license. I had 1 viol in the a.m. w/o lockout. What can I expect
The violation happened at 11am I called it and told them it must have been my mouthwash due to the fact I haven't drank since the night of my dui 10/12/15 they said they noted it on my account. My wife ended up driving her suv and we did our usual Sunday errands routine. When I got back home around 9pm from running around and having dinner at my parents I tried my suv and it started and worked fine showing no violation lockout time or anything, I'm not worried due to stories I've heard of people in my situation in the past who actually viol due to truly drinking alcohol, they all received extension they said, but they actually had lockouts. What do you think I can expect with your professional knowledge of these situations?
The best person to answer this question is your Court probation officer. Although they do not install or download...