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How can I get background check clearance for a job in social work with a DUI criminal record?
I was convicted of a DUI in January 2014 and am going to interviewing for a job in social work. I know I will have to pass a background check and have read things about exemptions. Does anyone know any more information? If I do have to get an exemption, Is there any advice anyone has on how to expedite this process? Can I be proactive and try to get an exemption before the job offer is made?
My beset advice is that you are upfront and honest with the prospective employer. I would definitely be proactive. I...
Do i need to get a breathalyzer if its my first dui and ive completed my classes and im eligible to get my dl this month
ive finished all my classes and payed everything i got a letetr that i can get my dl but i dont want the breathalyzer do i need to get it ?
I don't know. Did the court order one? Have you contacted the DMV?? Better still, have you asked your attorney???
Can I sue for getting a ticket for being publicly Intoxicated when they wouldn't let me take Breathalyzer?
For the record I was COMPLETELY sober and am 18. I was at the skate park when officers blocked the exits to the skate park and gave everyone tickets for being publicly intoxicated. I told them I had not been drinking and requested a test, they refused to give me one and still gave me a ticket.
Of course you can sue. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. The important question to ask is, "would I be able to win?"...
I got a DUI and failed to appear to court. I might have a warrant but I need my id because it's expired. Can I be arrested??
I might have a misdemeanor warrant can I still renew my id??
You need to get to the court where a warrant might have been issued and get it cleared before you get a visit from the...
CA DUI. Did not fulfill sentence. Arrest warrant out there. Want to take care of it. What's best thing to do?
CA DUI. First offense but struck another vehicle. No injuries. Sentenced to driving school, fine, etc. Could do a couple of weeks in jail under the original sentence in lieu of fine. Left state. Time to fulfill sentence expired. Now returned. I know there's arrest warrant outstanding. I would like take care of this and move on with my life. What steps ought I take? am in Los Angeles. If I did jail, would i have to serve whole sentence? How much extra penalty from the arrest warrant? Thank you for your time.
Hire a lawyer to go into court with you and get this taken care of once and for all. Time in LA jail would almost...
Child having nightmares scared to go inside cars after car was totalled by dui driver. Can he get help?
We had just stepped out of car when someone yelled I looked back and a car had flipped and slid totalling my leased car. Child couldn't sleep and is traumatized. Can he get help from at fault driver insurance?
You're never going to get help from an at-fault driver's insurance. All you're ever going to get is money. And...
Can I strike out of a DUI with GBI?
I served 2 months in jail and am out on bail, with a SCRAM device and actively attending AA meetings. I have a DUI attorney, but instead of having the stress off my shoulders I feel I have a heavier load because everything indicates he wants to take the case to trial, which I do not want. I'm worried because I need to know how he is handling my case. I am a student and presently employed, no priors, and BAC was a .09, what are my chances of returning to jail? Can I ask for house arrest? Or the very least, continue with the SCRAM program? I know what I want is irrelevant, but I don't want to go back to jail.
You need to trust your attorney. If you feel that you cannot, then you need to fire them and hire an attorney/firm that...